Rebuilding trust: your winning strategy for tourism in 2021

The challenges tourism is facing right now are entirely new and undoubtably scary for all the tourism marketers out there. The closing and opening of boundaries between countries has never before been so unpredictable as in the times of this…

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app builder
Sibiu City App – The Power of Audio Guides in travel apps
For those of you who don’t know, Sibiu is a charming Transylvanian town with a rich cultural heritage. It is also one of the first Romanian towns to become a smart city - thanks to its smart city app. Since...
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Travel app
How Covasna and Harghita Counties Promote Tourism with Travel Apps
The success of our customers is vital to the success of our own - this is our ideology, here at Eventya. We firmly believe that all reputable SaaS companies should be more in touch with their clients. Especially after their...
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how to attract tourists
How to Attract Tourists With a Custom Mobile App?
Successfully marketing a tourist destination is no easy feat. Staying profitable year-round requires a healthy booking rate - which in turn depends on your venue, marketing efforts, weather, and even the global climate. Tourist attractions suffered another blow, with lockdowns...
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Mobile app
“Muzeul Astra App” – Astra Museum’s 🏡 Custom Mobile App
Themed parks and museum have had a very hard year, with all the consecutive waves of restrictions imposed by the COVID crisis worldwide. More and more of them are reaching out for technology to reduce physical contact with their visitors,...
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ski app
Șureanu, the first resort in the Romanian Carpathians with a ski app 🎿
In full winter season, the first mobile application of a ski resort in the Romanian Carpathians was launched: Sureanu Ski App. The platform is dedicated to winter sports enthusiasts who wish to enjoy the snow in a spectacular area of...
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Digital Audio Guides: a new Eventya module for Travel and Tourism apps
A good and comprehensive travel app can make all the difference while you are travelling to a new destination. It can help you find all the relevant tourist spots in a city, the events you can attend or learn about...
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“Fishing Paradise” destination in Romania creates fishing app to help and educate amateur fishermen
ePește l@ Brăila is the name of the first fishing app of Brăila, a region in Romania that is frequently referred to as the “Romanian Fisher’s Paradise”. Located in an area where the Danube has created a huge number of...
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travel app
Why should you choose a Travel App to attract and engage travellers?
These days are quite difficult for tourism destinations and DMOs. They are thinking of new ways to attract and engage travellers. One very potent solution is building or acquiring a travel app for their destination. Paper maps and guides are...
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Where To Go – Tourism app
Where To Go – Tourism app – the platform with Romania’s Worthy Places
Where To Go - Tourism app - is made by a group of people with a passion for traveling and for Romania. They decided to launch a platform dedicated to the most beautiful places and quality services in Romania. This Platform...
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5 ways destinations attract tourists in this post-COVID recovery phase, using Eventya platform
Many of the tourist destinations in Romania and abroad are starting to reopen their doors for local and international tourists. Following the removal of mobility restrictions, destinations are now hit by tourists' reluctance to resume travel to where they were...
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travel app
10 reasons to create a travel app with Eventya
Creating your travel app for Android and iPhone has never been easier. Eventya helps DMOs and tourism organizations build modern, well-designed mobile apps & websites. Here are 10 reasons why you should work with us for your travel app: (1)...
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covid crisis
What should DMOs and Tourism Organisations do during this covid crisis?
These last weeks hit the world like nothing we ever seen. From Asia and Europe to the USA, all were hit by the covid crisis. The most affected industry now seem to be the Travel and Hospitality industry. We’re already...
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offline marketing tactics
Boost your Mobile App with 3 offline marketing tactics – How Sibiu City App reached 40k downloads.
How does Sibiu City App manages to keep its users engaged and attract new ones every day? The secret is a mix of online and offline marketing efforts as well as a dedicated Eventya marketing team to apply it. 1....
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winter experiences
Winter Experiences – 4 fantastic ideas DMOs can use to attract more tourists
How can you help tourists discover these unique winter experiences while visiting your destination? Here’s a great example from last year: Sibiu City App’s content marketing winter campaign. Winter is one of the most fruitful times destination marketing organizations can...
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