How Mobile Apps Are Boosting User Engagement
The moment you get your hands on your own mobile app, you start wondering what strategies to use for boosting user engagement. And you have all the right to do so since the success of your app depends on your...
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7 Top App Categories for 2022
We all use at least one mobile app in our everyday lives, whether we want to kill some time on our way to work, plan a trip, transfer money, or simply buy our next meal. If you are a business...
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Monetizing Your Mobile App: Best Ad Networks
The mobile industry has taken the world by storm and it seems like there’s no stopping it since mobile devices accounted for 57.38 % of total web traffic in February 2022 alone. As the mobile app industry is growing so...
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What are Push Notifications and What Do They Mean for Your Business?
Push notifications are one of the most important mobile app features that help you grow your business and enrich the communication with your users. They are a must-have tool for your marketing strategy that increases customer engagement and conversion rates....
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Grow Your Company with our No-Code App Builder
The digital era we live in is evolving before our eyes and companies need to step up their game in order to stay relevant. Traditional app development is becoming obsolete and it’s costing companies precious time and money, whereas no-code...
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Community Apps Are Combating the Loneliness Epidemic — Here’s How
Mobile app usage is on the rise and there are over 6.3 billion smartphone users across the world that are contributing to its success. In this article you will find out how mobile apps are combating the loneliness epidemic. Loneliness...
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How Mobile Apps Are Boosting Winter Tourism
Winter is here and it brings with it one of the most beloved festive seasons. Christmas has the power to unite and attract tourists worldwide every year. Once December arrives the Christmas spirit is felt everywhere, making people want to...
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Attracting International Tourists with Mobile Apps – Best Practices
International tourism is badly wounded by the ongoing pandemic and tourist destinations are making huge efforts to recover from the effects of this global crisis. As our lives moved to the online, tourism shifted its focus on app development and...
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Top Mobile App Development Trends in 2021 and Beyond
As the world is slowing down and preparing for the festive season, the end of the year presents a much-needed opportunity for reflection. In our report, we’ll be reflecting on some of the most promising mobile app development trends for...
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Smart City Platform
How Sibiu City Hall Managed to Improve The Quality of the Public Service Using a Smart City Platform
A Smart City Platform is about connectivity, collaboration and engagement. Sibiu City Hall recognized the need for a better and smarter communication between city’s administrative departments, citizens and tourists. They decided to create the city’s first digital platform and one...
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case study visit harghita app
How Harghita County Council Managed to Reach and Engage Visitors Through a Comprehensive Digital Platform
Located in Romania, Harghita County attracts over 200.000 tourists yearly. Castles, fortified churches, breathtaking sceneries, resorts and gastronomy are words that define this destination. All these make it one of the best Transylvanian experiences. Problem: Scarce or Unavailable Travelling Information...
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Mobile Technologies
Top Three Mobile Technologies to Help You Reach New Digital Heights and Successfully Promote Your Destination
According to the World Economic Forum’s Digital Transformation Initiative (DTI), from 2016 to 2025, digitalization in aviation, travel and tourism is expected to create up to US$305 billion of value for the industry. The days of walking into a travel...
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festival app
Top features people are expecting from a Festival App
Organising music festivals and dealing with thousands of people is tough. Really tough. I know because it takes me days to organise all the logistics, food, music and entertainment for my little 7 years old daughter's birthday. But doing a...
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mobile app building
Mobile app building – why not develop an app from scratch?
High price and long time Sure you wanted to build your own app and you started talking to software companies. The answer is always about the same: it takes at least 15,000 $ to build native iOS and Android mobile...
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