Grow Your Audience With Custom Theater and Philharmonic Apps

Grow Your Audience With Custom {Theater} and {Philharmonic Apps}

Theater and Philharmonic Apps Can Revive the Art of Acting

As our main entertainment sources became digital, theaters and philharmonics worldwide have started to lose ground. By now, watching Netflix or listening to Spotify has vastly outranked their classic ancestors.

So much so, that people believe the theater and philharmonic are things of the past.

We firmly disagree with those people, because at Eventya, we believe in the magic of performing arts.

Thus, we’ve decided to empower them with the same disruptive technology that set them back: custom mobile apps.

Custom mobile apps are affordable, accessible, and proven to increase brand awareness.

Don’t believe us? Stick with us, and you’ll find out all about how we revive the magic of performing arts with custom mobile apps.

How Can Custom Apps Benefit Your Theater or Philharmonic?

The truth is that mobile apps are versatile tools that can be leveraged to achieve numerous goals. For one, your communication will be instant and have a reach that you’ve never imagined before. Second, you’ll have a cutting-edge, interactive platform that gives users a reason to keep coming back and engage.

As the most renowned theaters and philharmonics have started recognizing these benefits, arts & entertainment apps came into existence. The Los Angeles Philharmonic’s LA Phil is among the most prominent examples. Read on, and find out how the Los Angeles Philharmonic and other acclaimed organizations are benefiting from custom mobile apps.

Increase Your Ticket Sales
Increase Your Ticket Sales
With a custom app, your audience will have the most seamless purchasing experience. This will result in a steady increase in sales over time.
Boost Your Show Attendance
Boost Your Show Attendance
Your custom app is equipped to boost your show attendance. The push notification and live stream features are the most proven tools for it.
Inspire Advocacy
Inspire Advocacy
Sharing valuable content on your interactive platform gives people a reason to engage. This will generate word of mouth referrals.
Share Your Story
Share Your Story
Your mobile app is the best place to share your theater’s background, introduce your performers and post your artwork.
Open a New Source of Revenue
Open a New Source of Revenue
Monetize your custom app by enabling advertising, and open a passive source of income for your organization.
Grow Your Social Media Following
Grow Your Social Media Following
Use the integrated social media feature to link your accounts, and see your following skyrocket.

Features Your Arts & Entertainment App Must Have

Push Notifications

Communicate with your audience in real-time, through the app, using instant push notifications.

Event Calendar

Share and filter your shows for your audience, and manage them right in the mobile app’s event calendar.

Ticketing System

Increase your ticket sales by letting your audience easily purchase within your custom app.

Artist Profiles

Introduce your artists to your audience: biography, notable performances, and awards - all within your custom app.


Grow your audience into a community, by letting them share their favorite experiences.

Live Stream

Open your music or theatre shows to the whole world, with the in-app live stream feature to gain more audience.

Content Sharing

Keep your audience excited for your shows by sharing engaging content within the mobile app.

Integrated Social Media

Grow your following and sync up your content with the app’s integrated social media feature.

How to Capture a Wider Audience With a Custom Mobile App?

As the previous sections illustrate, arts & entertainment apps bring a host of high-end features and benefits to their users.

Hence, no wonder that the world’s leading theaters and philharmonics are resorting to them to grow and engage their audience. The UK Philarmonia already joined the trend in 2012 with their custom app.

The Berliner Philarmoniker’s Digital Concert Hall is also proof of concept. It demonstrates the efficacy of custom mobile apps in gaining a larger following and improving engagement rates.

You might be wondering how you can use our arts & entertainment apps to increase your own following.

Well, it’s easier than you’d think.

Here are 3 of our favorite methods for capturing a wider audience with custom mobile apps:

Run Special Offers for Your App Users

Offering special promotions to your app users achieves 2 significant outcomes: creates a sense of exclusivity & increases your mobile app downloads.

Your app users are most likely your most dedicated followers. Consider rewarding them for it. Besides special promotions, you can offer exclusive merchandise or content as well. This will quickly increase your number of app users as soon as the word gets out.

Bonus tip: Consider a limited time offer, with a short window of 24 hours to 1 week. This will inspire urgency and increase your offer’s conversion rate.

Increase Future Event Participation

Participation at your shows isn’t just important for your revenue, but the mindset of your performers as well.

Our custom apps are equipped with tools to help increase future show attendance. You can start by live streaming your shows and gaining a large digital following. People who enjoyed your live stream will purchase a ticket for your next live performance.

The event calendar and instant notifications can also generate an interest in your performances. Just make sure to keep your calendar updated, and share the right amount of notifications for each show.

Increase Brand Recognition

What better way to capture a wider audience than increasing your brand recognition? After all, positive branding is what keeps your theater guests coming back.

Offering a creative digital experience within your custom mobile app can greatly contribute to your brand image. Moreover, it’s a great way to generate those all-important referrals.

All you need to do is update your content to your app, where your audience can interact with it. In turn, your custom app will gain popularity and boost your brand recognition.

Ready to put them to use and grow your audience?

Follow these 3 simple steps and you’ll have your custom mobile app before your next performance.

1. Request a Trial
1. Request a Trial

Access the Create Your App page and fill out the form. Kindly input your association’s website address, contact information, and your custom app’s desired features.

Once you’ve submitted the form, you’ll be contacted within 3 business days by our development team to get going with your mobile app.

2. App Management Training
2. App Management Training

At any time during your 90 days trial, you can request an app management training with one of our consultants.

The training will be conducted over a call by our arts & entertainment app administrator. You will learn how to set up your app, how to start adding content and how to keep your audience engaged.

3. Google Play and iTunes Submission
3. Google Play and iTunes Submission

Once you’ve tested out the mobile app and you’re ready to purchase, you’ll have to move to a paid account. This is where we’ll submit your app.

We’ll need around 3-5 business days to prepare your app for submission. We’ll have to wait around 7-15 business days for iTunes and 1-3 days for Google Play approval.

Next up?

Share content on your custom mobile app and grow your audience like magic!

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What Our Customers Say About Eventya

  • “ In such a changing world, where children are flooded with extra-curricular activities, and parents run from job to pre-school or after-school, I think this app comes as a relief. From now on, our audience has all the information at their fingertips, with real-time notifications, to make their lives easier. I firmly believe that this step is a natural one, all the more so for a theater dedicated to the young public, much more connected with technology and innovation. ”

    Adrian Tibu

    Adrian Tibu

    Manager at Gong Theater for Kids and Youth, Sibiu, Romania

Photo by Vlah Dumitru on Unsplash