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City Halls and Municipalities are using Eventya for Civic Tech applications

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What do SMART CITIZENS want?

A recent survey by Accenture found that citizens want a personalised digital experience and mobile apps that provide convenient access to services and information.

  • Assurance of privacy and security
  • Ability to get my questions answered definitively
  • Be able to see the status of my request or issue
  • Information organised by my need or issue
  • Single account across multiple government agencies
  • Be able to transition from a digital to a non-digital interaction
  • Have a personalised digital experience
  • Access to user comments / tips
  • Smartphone apps to access specific services / information
  • Integration with Social Media


Why a Smart City App?

Smart City Apps not only make citizens’ lives easier but also have the potential to improve efficiency and reduce costs. City Halls and citizens can connect now instantly and build together a smart and sustainable city.

City Halls have two options:

1. Develop a city app with a in-house / external team : the app may take at least a year in development and even more for testing and deployment.


2. Buy an off-the-shelf solution: Eventya platform is a viable alternative for implementing a smart city app solution. It can do the same job while reducing costs and time investments.

Mobile apps provide the ideal foundation for many smart city solutions due to their level of engagement, personalisation, accessibility and real-time interaction.

Photo source: Accenture Public Service Pulse Survey, 2016


Important features for City Halls

Collect information from your citizens

Citizens can use the "Incidents Report" module to report the problems they encounter in the city directly to the City Hall.

The City Hall can:

  • Create various departments and setup categories and subcategories of incidents
  • Assign its employees to these departments and establish their role and rights in the system
  • Move the tickets they receive from the citizens between departments.
  • Add internal notes when they move the tickets
  • The system automatically generates email notifications back to the citizen when the ticket changes it’s status
  • The managers of various departments or the mayor can receive automatic reports about the system’s performance and detailed analytics
  • Map live view of the incidents – global or per department

Collaborative platform

The City Hall offers private organisations and public services access to the platform to publish their own information.

Building successful smart cities requires collaboration between engaged citizens, city hall and private organisations.

Smart citizens expect from the local authorities transparent, accessible and responsive services.

Information in real time through Push Notifications

Citizens want apps that provide convenient access to information from local public services and event organisers.

When the users follow a specific profile in the app and that page publishes an event or offers, all it’s followers are instantly notified.

The Platform Manager of a City can also send manual Push Notifications about new articles in the app, important events or information about interruptions of local services or repairs (where the open rate is more than 80%).

The more personalised the message is, the more likely it is to be opened.

Events Calendar

Promote the city's events agenda: concerts, movies, exhibitions, community events ... there’s always something going on in the city.

Events can be browsed in a monthly or daily calendar and can be filtered by various categories.

The users can follow their favourite event organisers and be instantly notified when a new event is published.

You can start selling more tickets to the events in your city through the app. External links to the specialised tickets websites can be setup from the event.

Users can add the events to their local phone calendar or save them to lists and share it with friends.

Construction sites and Closed roads

The City Hall can regularly publish in the platform information about construction, demolition and street works which can cause discomfort to residents for a while.

Citizens can subscribe to push notifications and receive instant information regarding constructions sites in their neighbourhood. Or have a map overview of all of them.

Better communication and transparency will only reduce the distress and frustration of locals who now have to make an effort to find out what is being built and when the work is planned to be completed.

Visually locate on a public map, that any user of the app can access for free at any hour, all streets, squares, or junctions closed for a period of time.

Inform your citizens about measures imposed by major events or infrastructure works in your city that affect traffic over a certain period of time.

News and Alerts from the City Hall or Public Services

Based on their preferences & interests, the platform can provide citizens access to traffic alerts, public transportation news, malfunctions or interruptions from public services, police incidents, local news, waste management or smart parking.

Water or energy interruptions – use mobile technology in a modern way and let people know through notifications the location/time of public works and power outages on the map.

Official communications – Your official messages can reach a wider audience that uses technology to receive local information and alerts.

Consultations and inquiries

It's easier now for the City Hall to consult and get the opinion of the community about various projects they want to initiate.

The platform helps them create and distribute questionnaires or ‘pools‘ to their citizens in a convenient and secure way in the mobile app.

It’s secure because when a user wants to participate in the inquiry he/she has to authenticate in the app.

Tourist Guide

The tourists and travellers that visit the city have a dedicated sections for them: tourist attractions, tour routes, local guides, recommendations from locals about places to see and things to do.

The platform editors can write articles about top 10 places to eat & drink, top places to visit, tips & recommendations from locals about things to do.

List useful information like parking spaces, local transportation, restaurants, pubs, accommodation facilities and many other POIs. The platform displays them as lists or “map view”, according to your GPS position. Various filtering and ordering possibilities.

Users can rate places, read other people’s reviews, save places to lists for later use or share these lists with friends.

The platform lists local information, showing nearby locations along with reviews and travel distances. You can search for nearby museums, new restaurants, and popular bars and clubs, local events or things to do.

Real-Time Analytics

It’s difficult to listen to your customers without looking deeply at their use patterns and feedback. App & Website analytics allow you to gain insight into customer data to better serve them.

Monitor your apps’ installs and website traffic, usage and content statistics in real-time. Make data driven decisions about your content and communication.

It’s old news that the growth of your app directly depends on the value you create for your users. But without knowing which acquisition channels work best and how your users respond to different marketing strategies, you’ll never be 100% sure how to make your app better to increase traction.

As a Platform Manager, you can setup monthly or weekly automatic analytics email reports.

Smart City Apps built with Eventya platform

Smart City App

Sibiu City App

City: Sibiu, Romania
Population: 425.000
Client: Sibiu City Hall
iOS App, Android App, Website

Smart City App

Reghin City App

City: Reghin, Romania
Population: 33.000
Client: Reghin City Hall
iOS App, Android App, Website

Smart City App

Mioveni City App

City: Mioveni, Romania
Population: 32.000
Client: Mioveni City Hall
iOS App, Android App, Website

Smart City App

Galați City App

City: Galați, Romania
Population: 286.000
Client: Galați City Hall
iOS App, Android App, Website

Piatra Neamț City App

Piatra Neamț City App

City: Piatra Neamț, Romania
Population: 104.605
Client: Piatra Neamț City Hall
iOS App, Android App, Website

Online Parking

Online Parking

Client: Tudor Gabriel Bohalteanu, Romania
iOS App, Android App, Website

Pricing plans

for Eventya Smart City App

Plan 1
Eur 900

billed monthly

Get 30 days free trial
Plan 2
Eur 800

billed yearly

Get 30 days free trial
15 times cheaper then building an app from scratch

It costs 10,000 - 15,000 €/$ to design & develop a decent similar app

Launch it in 2 weeks

The app will be personalised with your identity in 24 hours. The rest is content preparation and usually our team helps

Update content in minutes

Takes less than 1 hour per week to keep it up to date

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