Smart City App

City Halls and Municipalities are using Eventya for Civic Tech applications

{Smart City App}

Core features

iOS, Android and Web applications, already built and with market proven success

Incidents Report

Citizens can use this module to report what's wrong in the city directly to the City Hall.

Special Offers

Allow local organisations to advertise their offers directly to people in their community

Points of interest

List useful information like parking spaces, local transportation and many other POIs

Articles, News

Articles and important announcements from the City Hall and the Public Services

Events Agenda

Promote the local events agenda: concerts, movies, exhibitions, community events, etc.

Tourist Guide

Dedicated sections for tourists and travellers, attractions, tour routes, recommendations for tourists

Smart City Apps built with Eventya platform

Smart City App

Sibiu City App

City: Sibiu, Romania
Population: 425.000
Client: Sibiu City Hall
iOS App, Android App, Website

Smart City App

Reghin City App

City: Reghin, Romania
Population: 33.000
Client: Reghin City Hall
iOS App, Android App, Website

Smart City App

Mioveni City App

City: Mioveni, Romania
Population: 32.000
Client: Mioveni City Hall
iOS App, Android App, Website

Smart City App

Galați City App

City: Galați, Romania
Population: 286.000
Client: Galați City Hall
iOS App, Android App, Website


800 € / month

billed yearly

Free 30 day trial, no credit card required

15 times cheaper then building an app from scratch

It costs 10,000 - 15,000 €/$ to design & develop a decent similar app

Launch it in 2 weeks

The app will be personalised with your identity in 24 hours. The rest is content preparation and usually our team helps

Update content in minutes

Takes less than 1 hour per week to keep it up to date