Eventya helps City Halls build Smart City Apps

Eventya helps City Halls build {Smart City Apps}

Smart City Apps can improve key quality-of-life indicators by 10 to 30 % *

The apps have user-proven features and are adaptable to any city.

Choosing Eventya vs developing from scratch

Collaborative platform
Collaborative platform

Local businesses can manage their own Page within the platform, create offers and add events.

Fixed price
Fixed price

New features and modules we’ll be releasing, as well as new versions of your apps will come at no extra costs.

We’ve got your back
We’ve got your back

We’ll help you design and organize your platform, and create outstanding content that will impress your tourists.

A Smart City platform built with Eventya can help meet the following challenges:

Inform citizens in real time

Inform citizens around traffic alerts, construction sites, malfunctions or interruptions of public services, police incidents, events, and more.

Increase operational efficiency

Each City Hall department can be given access to the platform to manage content and help efficiently monitor and solve incident reports they receive.

Monitor what is happening in the city

Enable citizens to become more active and report city-related incidents while they happen.

Take the pulse of the community

Send polls and questionnaires to get the community’s opinion around various projects you wish to initiate.

Through a Smart City Platform, City Halls can provide citizens with:

A more active role in the city’s development

by answering pools regarding the city's development and plans

Real-time feedback around the city related issues

by reporting to the City Hall the problems they find in the city

Convenient access to information about local events and activities

they have all the city's events agenda and ideas about things to do

A digital tool to better manage their activities and time spent within the city

they can save the events and places to go to in personal lists and share them with others

Smart City Platform Features

Market-proven set of modules to help you build your own personalized smart city platform.

Services Requests

manage incidents & services requests from citizens

News & Alerts

from the City Hall or from Public Services

Construction Sites

share information around construction / demolition sites


inform on public transport and parking places

Nearby Search

add nearby points of interest for locals or tourists

Events Calendar

upload the city’s events agenda

Live Streaming

broadcast live events, public webcams in your city

Push Notifications

inform your citizens in real time

Smart City Apps built with Eventya platform

Sibiu City App

Sibiu City App

Client: Sibiu City Hall
iOS, Android, Website

Reghin City App

Reghin City App

Client: Reghin City Hall
iOS, Android, Website

Mioveni City App

Mioveni City App

Client: Mioveni City Hall
iOS, Android, Website

Galati City App

Galați City App

Client: Galați City Hall
iOS, Android, Website

Piatra Neamț City App

Piatra Neamț City App

Client: Piatra Neamț City Hall
iOS, Android, Website

Targoviste City App - smart city

Târgoviște City App

Client: Târgoviște City Hall, Romania
iOS, Android, Website

Avrig City App

Client: Avrig City Hall, Romania
iOS, Android, Website

Smart City Liberia

Client: Smart City Liberia, Liberia
iOS, Android

Hațeg City App

Client: Hațeg City Hall
iOS, Android

Agnita City App

Client: Agnita City Hall, Romania
iOS, Android

Ploiești City App

Ploiești City App

Client: Ploiești City Hall, Romania
iOS, Android

Dumbravita City App

Dumbrăvița City App

Client: Dumbrăvița City Hall, Romania
iOS, Android

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* Read here the full research on “* Smart city applications can improve key quality-of-life indicators by 10 to 30 %”

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