Eventya Sandbox
How to test your demo app from Eventya using Sandbox
Eventya Sandbox allows you to test your app directly on your phone. You can scroll, tap, open, and use all the functionalities of your app before launching it to the stores. It takes just 5 minutes to set-up and install...
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Digital Audio Guides: a new Eventya module for Travel and Tourism apps
A good and comprehensive travel app can make all the difference while you are travelling to a new destination. It can help you find all the relevant tourist spots in a city, the events you can attend or learn about...
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tourism mobile applications
Geographical regions 🌍 – a new module for Eventya tourism mobile applications
Given that most Eventya customers are tourist destinations, we thought of adding this new module in the platform. It will allow them to structure their information in their city, destination, county or country by region. What are Regions? A region...
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Eventya reaches version 2.0
During this weekend (May 23-24, 2020) we updated the Eventya platform to version 2.0. Our clients' instances had a downtime of only a few minutes. We chose to switch to Eventya 2.0 on weekends, when traffic is lower, so as...
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