Must-Have Features for Mobile Apps in 2022
In 2021 alone there were a total of 218 billion mobile app downloads, making mobile applications one of the most commonly used software in our day-to-day lives. When it comes to mobile app features for 2022, the focus is on...
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Community Apps Are Combating the Loneliness Epidemic — Here’s How
Mobile app usage is on the rise and there are over 6.3 billion smartphone users across the world that are contributing to its success. In this article you will find out how mobile apps are combating the loneliness epidemic. Loneliness...
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How Mobile Apps Are Boosting Winter Tourism
Winter is here and it brings with it one of the most beloved festive seasons. Christmas has the power to unite and attract tourists worldwide every year. Once December arrives the Christmas spirit is felt everywhere, making people want to...
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Attracting International Tourists with Mobile Apps – Best Practices
International tourism is badly wounded by the ongoing pandemic and tourist destinations are making huge efforts to recover from the effects of this global crisis. As our lives moved to the online, tourism shifted its focus on app development and...
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Top Mobile App Development Trends in 2021 and Beyond
As the world is slowing down and preparing for the festive season, the end of the year presents a much-needed opportunity for reflection. In our report, we’ll be reflecting on some of the most promising mobile app development trends for...
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Building Stronger Communities Through Festival Apps
Festivals have the magical ability to connect people from around the world. But beyond the venue of the event, festival-goers need a steady platform to connect and build lasting relationships that’ll blossom into communities. Festival apps are emerging as the...
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Why Mobile Apps Have Higher Conversion Rates Than Websites
When Web 1.0 — the first iteration of the internet — was released to the public, back in 1993, static HTML pages dominated the world wide web. The first iteration of websites represented a one-way communication channel that was only...
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Launching Avrig City App: our first city app dedicated to small cities
Considering the social and economic realities of the past year, organizations, businesses, and entire towns are striving to recover. Moreso, cities around the world have started utilizing technology to improve their functioning, governance, and communication. Communication among town halls and...
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Community Apps: One Efficient Digital Communication Channel
A community app is potentially the most powerful communication channel for organizations worldwide. They offer your brand a distinguished communication channel, making sure your notifications don’t get lost in the flood of social media notifications. It also creates a sense...
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Eventya App Builder
10 Reasons to Choose Eventya as Your App Builder
With nearly a decade of expertise, Eventya offers a wide range of solutions for non-tech companies looking to engage their audiences through mobile apps and website platforms. The market-proven features combined with the real-world use cases of our mobile apps...
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Astra Museum App — All in one app for the largest ethnographic institution in Romania
About Despite being an ethnographic museum engaged in preserving historical value, Astra Museum is among Romania’s most future-oriented arts and entertainment organizations - continuously striving to stay on top of the most prominent tech trends in travel and tourism. Thus,...
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FITS App – Romania’s Most Vibrant Performing Arts Festival Goes Digital
For those of you who don’t know, FITS, short for Sibiu International Theatre Festival, is Romania’s most important performing arts festival, hosted in the cultural center of the country, Sibiu. As the third-largest performing arts festival after the Festival d'Avignon...
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timisoara city
Timisoara City App – Romania’s Newest Smart City
We live in a technology-driven world and there’s no denying it. Businesses and organizations are turning towards digital solutions either to gain an edge over the competition or merely to improve their services and operating procedures. Yet, businesses aren’t the...
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Rebuilding trust: your winning strategy for tourism in 2021

The challenges tourism is facing right now are entirely new and undoubtably scary for all the tourism marketers out there. The closing and opening of boundaries between countries has never before been so unpredictable as in the times of this…

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Eventya Sandbox
How to test your demo app from Eventya using Sandbox
Eventya Sandbox allows you to test your app directly on your phone. You can scroll, tap, open, and use all the functionalities of your app before launching it to the stores. It takes just 5 minutes to set-up and install...
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