Eventya Sandbox
How to test your demo app from Eventya using Sandbox
Eventya Sandbox allows you to test your app directly on your phone. You can scroll, tap, open, and use all the functionalities of your app before launching it to the stores. It takes just 5 minutes to set-up and install...
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app builder
Sibiu City App – The Power of Audio Guides in travel apps
For those of you who don’t know, Sibiu is a charming Transylvanian town with a rich cultural heritage. It is also one of the first Romanian towns to become a smart city - thanks to its smart city app. Since...
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app builder
What Distinguishes Eventya from Regular App Builders?
If you didn’t already know, no-code app builders are among the best alternatives to custom app development. They’re much quicker options, that help you create iOS & Android native apps at a fraction of the cost. But, the quality of...
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mobile app
Why Choose a Mobile App Over a Website?
The mobile era is upon us, meaning that smartphones started replacing PCs. And given that the number of mobile users is greater than that of desktop users, you’re probably reading this on your smartphone as well. As a result, businesses...
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app builder
The Best App Builder for Your Community App
Mobile apps are among the greatest digital assets for communities and organizations these days. They offer the users an interactive and engaging platform with a host of useful features. In fact, one of the best ways to grow your audience...
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how to create an app
How to Create a Mobile App Without Coding
Mobile apps have many significant benefits both for businesses and non-profit organizations. They can grow and promote your organization, create a better connection with your audience and increase brand visibility as well. A quality mobile app can be used to...
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Travel app
How Covasna and Harghita Counties Promote Tourism with Travel Apps
The success of our customers is vital to the success of our own - this is our ideology, here at Eventya. We firmly believe that all reputable SaaS companies should be more in touch with their clients. Especially after their...
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how to attract tourists
How to Attract Tourists With a Custom Mobile App?
Successfully marketing a tourist destination is no easy feat. Staying profitable year-round requires a healthy booking rate - which in turn depends on your venue, marketing efforts, weather, and even the global climate. Tourist attractions suffered another blow, with lockdowns...
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App Builder
No-Code App Builders Help Communities and Organisations Strive
Are you wondering how to create an app, but have no background in development? Is hiring an app developer way too expensive? What if there was a more time- and budget-friendly solution? No-Code App Builders Can Save You a Fortune...
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Mobile app
“Muzeul Astra App” – Astra Museum’s 🏡 Custom Mobile App
Themed parks and museum have had a very hard year, with all the consecutive waves of restrictions imposed by the COVID crisis worldwide. More and more of them are reaching out for technology to reduce physical contact with their visitors,...
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theatre app
What needs does GONG Theatre 🎭 mobile app tackle?
The theatre app of the GONG Theatre for Children and Youth in Sibiu was officially launched on 29 May 2019. As the first theatre app on the Eventya platform, we asked the theatre manager what were the main needs that...
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ski app
Șureanu, the first resort in the Romanian Carpathians with a ski app 🎿
In full winter season, the first mobile application of a ski resort in the Romanian Carpathians was launched: Sureanu Ski App. The platform is dedicated to winter sports enthusiasts who wish to enjoy the snow in a spectacular area of...
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civic tech
Piatra Neamț is the first city in Moldova to have a Civic Tech platform
In the summer of 2018, Piatra Neamț City App has become the first Civic Tech platform in Moldova, the North-Eastern region of Romania. The mayor of the city, Dragoș Chitic, stated “... We will implement the most modern, efficient and...
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Digital Audio Guides: a new Eventya module for Travel and Tourism apps
A good and comprehensive travel app can make all the difference while you are travelling to a new destination. It can help you find all the relevant tourist spots in a city, the events you can attend or learn about...
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Smart City
The Biggest Harbour on the Danube Turns into a Smart City with Eventya
The Galați City Hall uses the Eventya digital platform dedicated to the city’s inhabitants and visitors. This project is part of the city’s development into a smart city. Galați, the most important river harbour in Romania, at a crossroads. Situated...
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