“Fishing Paradise” destination in Romania creates fishing app to help and educate amateur fishermen

ePește l@ Brăila is the name of the first fishing app of Brăila, a region in Romania that is frequently referred to as the “Romanian Fisher’s Paradise”. Located in an area where the Danube has created a huge number of lakes and the islands, Brăila is renowned all across Europe for its natural beauties and for its fishing areas. Both the mobile app and th ePește l@ Brăila website provide highly precious information for fishing lovers.

This is a great example of local communities working together to promote fishing and nature.

35 members promote the interests of local communities

The 35 members of the Association Information and Documentation Centre for European Integration and Sustainable Development (C.I.D.I.E.D.D.) Brăila are partly from the Municipality of Brăila, the town of Însurăței, and 15 communes in the county, and they collaborate to promote the interest of the local collectives. Together, they cover a compact territory of more than half of the surface of Brăila county. Their aim is to cooperate with public and private institutions in Romania and abroad, as well as to apply European concepts for sustainable development. An important step in this endeavour is the launch of the platform ePește l@ Brăila.

ePește la Brăila App & Website

The ePește l@ Brăila platform includes a mobile app and a website made available to local businesses, inhabitants of Brăila County and tourists who visit the region, with a view to promoting the tourist sights and the rich natural heritage of this area. The content on the platform focuses on the passion for fishing and outdoor activities.

About fishing in Fishers’ Paradise

To both amateur and beginner fishermen, ePește la Brăila provides useful information about the areas where one can fish, species of fish, dedicated stores, fishermen’s associations, local transport, and specialized tourism agencies and guides.

You will find articles about the project and the natural reserves of national and international interest, as well as competent fishing institutions. The Fishing News section presents topical information about the close season and national fishing law updates.

Tourist in Brăila

Those who visit the Fishermen’s Paradise will be able to access information about the activities available here, accommodation and where to eat, entertainment and other useful tourist info. The platform also promotes the most important events in the region, especially those related to fishing competitions and local festivals.

Continuous updating

ePește la Brăila is the platform of the C.I.D.I.E.D.D. Association, developed by Eventya.
Visit the website by accessing www.epestelabraila.ro/en; the mobile app is available free of charge in Google Play and App Store.

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