Festival App

People highly prefer to use an intuitive app instead of a website to know who's doing what and where. And sometimes they're in offline mode.

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Are festivals getting through to their audience?

Festivals connect people through music, theatre, movies or art performances. But there are so many popping out each year that, as a festival organiser, you have to stand out from the crowd.

Marketing and communication budgets are usually restrictive for many festivals. Not to mention social media – the largest advertising system – is becoming more and more expensive.

Branded Festival App

Differentiate yourself from other festivals through a mobile app that will enhance the user’s searching and attending experience. Promote your festival with your own branded mobile Festival App.

You don’t need to pay a great deal of money to a software company to design & develop a brand new mobile app to engage with your audience.

Meet Eventya’s ready-to-use specific platform for Festivals – Ideal for music festivals, street festivals, movie or theatre festivals.

Benefits for Organisers

Speed. Using your visual identity we will prepare your app in 2-3 days.

Next, just fill in bands, artists, events and so on

Cost. Fraction of the cost of developing + maintaining one made from scratch

Your app is built with existing modules and components. The template is personalised based on your brand and visual identity

Get appreciation. People will talk about it even if is a good app or a worse one

You are going to build and run your mobile service on a market-proven mobile app. Most of our customers won prizes and awards with their apps

Core features

Eventya provides existing plugins and modules to create your Festival App with zero lines of code

Events Agenda

Organised agenda of the events, filtering by categories, details for each show, video & photo gallery

Artists, Bands

Let people know more about artists: biography, experience, awards, shows and media gallery.

Push notifications

Keep your users up-to-date with what’s going on. Schedule push notifications in advance

Sell Tickets

Sell tickets through the mobile app, offer specific discount and offers to the app users during the festival

Detailed mapping

Ensure your audience doesn’t miss a thing about where everything’s located: scenes, venues, POIs


Fans will want to learn behind the scene news. Write attractive articles about the bands and performances.

Social media integration

The platform connects to your Instagram & Facebook account so that the news & photos appear in the app.


use ads inside the mobile app to sell tickets or outline the major shows. Analytics provided for the ads.


Use Eventya Analytics Module to see what your users are interested in and what they do in the app

Users will:

Find events
Find events
See the entire festival events agenda, filter and search events
Save events to lists
Save events to lists
Save events they want to go to and share the list with friends
Local event reminders
Local event reminders
Set reminders for favourite events - the app will send push notifications
Top up credits on festival bracelet
Top up credits on festival bracelet
Way more convenient than opening a mobile browser.
Offline mode
Offline mode
Save events for off-line use (no internet connection)
Receive instant updates through PN
Receive instant updates through PN
Be informed all the time about show delays, cancellations, changes, etc ...
Discover artists
Discover artists
Find out all the details about the artists that are present at the Festival
Buy tickets
Buy tickets
Buy online tickets and enjoy special offers - just for app users
Find POIs
Find POIs
Easily find the scenes and venues for the performances you want to go to

One on One services

Eventya is not just an app builder. We're providing content and marketing services, tech support, trainings, store publishing assistance...

Online tech support ,5 days a week, both for the event organiser and for the app users

Automatic email reports from the system for the Platform Manager

Styling of mobile app & website and icon to your Branding

Professional screenshots and visuals for AppStore and Google Play

Help with the setup of your AppStore, GooglePlay Developer Account

We publish the apps, you don’t have to worry about the technical stuff

Errors monitoring system for the mobile apps, website and CMS

Regular functionalities and security updates for the mobile apps and website

Advice on mobile app marketisation, content creation and user retention


90 € / month

billed yearly

Free 30 day trial, no credit card required