Frequently asked questions

about Eventya Platform

Can I make money with my app?

Yes, you can. There is always a winning combination between quality content, right features and number of active users. Many of our customers already did this with their apps built with Eventya. If you’re not sure what can or can’t be done, drop us a few lines here. We’re always happy to chat about apps.

What if I need help settings things up?

We are here to help and guide you. Some things are still tiresome in this space — like opening developer accounts for App Store and Google Play. We’ll bring some clarity and help you choose what you need.

Putting things together in your app/website is not an easy task too. Homepage, navigations, all kind of particular settings, terms and conditions, push notifications policies etc. All of these will be probably new for you. But once you decide to start your project, our colleagues will get in touch with you and start working on the structure of your future app & website.

What can I develop with your app builder?

Apps created on our platform have a fixed set of features you can choose from. You can find all about them here. Depending on your project’s needs you can to choose to integrate as many of them in your app as you need. We are not a custom development company, but we help you create your ideal app with these built-in features, like a puzzle. This way, you get a native, fully functional and beautifully designed app at an unbeatable price.

At the end of the day, the success of your app will be determined of the quality of your content and your strategy for acquiring new users and keeping them engaged. We handle all the technicalities, with market-proven insights from our existing customers. Many of the apps our customers built with Eventya won important awards, check our portfolio here: travel and tourism apps, museum guides, festival apps, official platforms of cultural & entertainment organisations, smart city apps (developed by City Halls and addressed to their local communities), points of interest or community apps.

What you can’t do?

On our platform, you won’t be able to create games, weather apps, another Uber, the next Amazon or apps that require other specific features that are not listed here.

We constantly develop and improve our platform, but we prefer to keep an eye on the market and add only those features that can bring true value to our customers. We handle the complexity of the development in order to let you, the entrepreneur, focus on content, user acquisition and making money.

Get in touch with our Sales Team and we'll prepare a custom offer for you.