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Salina Turda Mobile App — The World’s Most Spectacular Salt Mine Goes Digital

If you’ve never visited Turda Salt Mine before, then you’re missing out on the world’s most stunning natural underground formation, with its iconic amusement park, Spa & Wellness section, and the Durgău Salty Lakes.

Now, visitors have another reason to visit, with the release of the Salina Turda App — making Turda become one of the world’s first salt mines with a custom mobile app. The native app is available for both Android and iOS users.

But, how does the salt mine’s feature-rich app engage more tourists and enhance the visitor experience? Let’s explore its functionalities and use cases below.

How Is Salina Turda App Serving Its Users?

1. Multilingual audio guide for new visitors

The mobile app comes with a comprehensive audio guide that walks its users through each of the 8 galleries of the salt mine. To serve its multilingual tourist base, the audio guide is available in English, Romanian, and Hungarian.

2. Complete digital guide for touristic activities

Salina’s tourism app has an exhaustive list of all the activities available around the location. More-so, advanced filters enable users to filter through their activities of interest, from boat rides to mini golf and the mine’s panoramic Ferris wheel.

Tourists can also use the mobile app to find out about the mine’s opening hours and how they can visit outside of it, as well as how to rent its iconic amphitheater, and how they can book an exclusive photoshoot in the salt mine.

3. User reviews to engage new visitors

The app enables users to give general reviews about their experience in the world’s most stunning natural underground formation. This is a great feature for first-time visitors looking for the best fitting activities.

4. Online tickets

Visitors can buy their tickets seamlessly within the app, without having to wait in line. This has been a critical feature for the Turda Salt Mine, in creating a safer environment during the global pandemic.

5. Up-to-date Covid-19 regulations

Visitors can find all the information related to visiting the salt mine, and the safety measures imposed against Covid-19. More-so, the data on the mobile app is subject to real-time updates, as external circumstances change.

6. Push notifications for times of crisis

During times when instant communication is more important than ever, the Salina Turda app’s push notifications can reach their visitors anytime, anywhere. The mobile app will act as the salt mine’s central communication channel.

The team behind Salina Turda has also been delighted by the app creation process, and the final result — the Salina Turda App, available both via Android and iOS:

  • " Working with the team of Eventya has been a great pleasure! Such a competent team, they understood immediately what we were looking for. Being able to communicate with them all the time, also, at any level, led to a perfect outcome for our initiative. Thank you, Eventya! "

    Mrs. Cătălina Podar

    Mrs. Cătălina Podar

    Cătălina Podar, Marketing & PR Specialist at Turda Salt Mine

Native apps have been essential in reviewing the tourism sector by attracting more visitors. Salina Turda’s tourism app functions as an interactive digital guide, enhancing the visitor experience, and easing the booking process of each visitor.

And, the best part? Today, the benefits of native tourism apps are accessible to any organization, at the fraction of the initial cost. By requesting a free trial to our intuitive app builder platform, your native mobile app will be ready in 3 easy steps.

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3. Google Play and iTunes Submission

Once you’ve tested out the mobile app and you’re ready to purchase, you’ll have to move to a paid account. This is where we’ll submit your app for the app store and develop your complimentary website.

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