Winesday App: the community app dedicated to wine lovers
Winesday App is the application dedicated to wine lovers, but also to those who want to find out more information about wineries and vineyards in Romania. The application is available for free in Romanian and English for iOS and Android. "It’s...
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app builder
The Best App Builder for Your Community App
Mobile apps are among the greatest digital assets for communities and organizations these days. They offer the users an interactive and engaging platform with a host of useful features. In fact, one of the best ways to grow your audience...
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How did one content creator manage to increase their YouTube views by 20% by creating a community app
About “Pune Mâna pe Chitară / Grab your Guitar“ is a socio-cultural program of non-formal education for children and young people, initiated by Play Cultural Association. The project aims to engage kids and youngsters in musical activities outside their school. The...
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