How Mobile Apps Are Boosting Winter Tourism

Winter is here and it brings with it one of the most beloved festive seasons. Christmas has the power to unite and attract tourists worldwide every year. Once December arrives the Christmas spirit is felt everywhere, making people want to experience more.

Attracting tourists during holidays is not a difficult task and you only need a simple, yet effective custom travel app. You can help travelers have the best winter holiday in your city while keeping them up to date with the latest trends and developments.

Travel apps were crucial in helping tourism stay afloat during the pandemic and to have the ability to reach tourists on their phones is the golden ticket to the Polar Express of tourism.

Interested in how mobile apps can help you attract more tourists to your destination this winter? Below, we explore the main reasons why winter tourism can be boosted with mobile apps.

5 Reasons Why Mobile Apps Are Growing Winter Tourism

1. Mobile apps make traveling easier

Travel should be a fun and relaxing activity and mobile apps do just that. Visiting a new destination can be overwhelming but a tourism app gets you up to speed with all there is to know about the city you are visiting.

An example of success is Sibiu City App, a custom mobile app that helps its tourists better navigate the city. From outdoor experiences for nature lovers to public transport and the latest activities taking place in Sibiu.

Travel apps help tourists navigate to each point of interest by the use of interactive maps and in the case of Sibiu City App, tourists can easily find their way to the famous Christmas Market in Sibiu, like Sibiu Christmas Market.

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2. Mobile apps help widen your customer base

The average smartphone user had 40 apps installed on their phone in 2020 alone and 89% of smartphone users’ time is spent on 18 apps. As people spend so much time on apps, a travel app is a tool that helps you attract them to your destination.

Offering travelers a unique experience is key when it comes to app development. This is something greatly emphasized by Sureanu Ski App, the first mobile app of a ski resort in the Romanian Carpathians.

By creating a ski app, you offer high-value features — like online bookings and GPS-enabled maps — that will boost winter tourism and widen your customer base. The skier community grows bigger every year and by offering them a platform for their favorite sport you attract them to your destination.

3. Custom apps take marketing communication to the next level

Be proud of your city or attraction and share it through your custom travel app. You need to highlight all the things that make your city unique and the holiday season is the perfect opportunity to bring the Christmas spirit to your audience with a tourism app.

Brașov Tourism App is the perfect example of marketing communication done right – tourist guides, accommodation, events, and the list goes on. Every attraction and activity that makes Brașov stand out is on its travel app and that shows how much care they have for their tourists.

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4. Travel apps offer bespoke digital experiences

A Travelport research report shows that 60% of travelers would be lost without their smartphones and when it comes to traveling, tourists used 16 different apps.

The pandemic forced tourism to adapt to the new normal and one way in which tourist destinations could reach their audience was through a custom travel app. The apps can offer digital experiences even when real life is put on hold.

And now, with the winter holidays on our doorstep, a travel app can attract more tourists by keeping them informed on the quality of ski slopes and winter attractions or offering them Covid-19 related news.

5. Travel apps help you leverage the power of content

There’s always something interesting going on in a city and there’s no better way to keep tourists informed than with a travel app. You need to regularly create up-to-date content and alert your audience using push notifications.

Seasonal content can attract more tourists and travel destinations can maximize their booking rates with it. Show how your city is the best winter destination by writing Christmas-related content.

Take advantage of everything that’s happening in your city – Christmas markets, concerts, the start of the ski season, and put it out there to attract tourists.

Take your tourist destination to the next level

The Winter season is known to attract many tourists from all over the world. You can make the most of this magical time and promote your city with travel apps.

A custom travel app will not only make traveling easier for tourists but will also widen your customer base because you offer high-value content. A ski app, information about Christmas markets, or recent news will be most appreciated by tourists this winter.

Eventya is here to help boost winter tourism by offering you the tools to succeed — the most price-efficient no-code app builder on the market. It’s an effective, easy-to-use platform, for building apps that will change your city into a must-visit winter destination.

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