FITS App – Romania’s Most Vibrant Performing Arts Festival Goes Digital
For those of you who don’t know, FITS, short for Sibiu International Theatre Festival, is Romania’s most important performing arts festival, hosted in the cultural center of the country, Sibiu. As the third-largest performing arts festival after the Festival d'Avignon...
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community app
How did one content creator manage to increase their YouTube views by 20% by creating a community app
About “Pune Mâna pe Chitară / Grab your Guitar“ is a socio-cultural program of non-formal education for children and young people, initiated by Play Cultural Association. The project aims to engage kids and youngsters in musical activities outside their school. The...
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Eventya launched it’s first ticketing app –
Tickety Spain decided to build their ticketing app using Eventya Platform. It took a few days to implement the project on our platform, versus a few months it they built it from scratch. TICKETY.ES is a well known ticket selling...
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