Attracting International Tourists with Mobile Apps – Best Practices

International tourism is badly wounded by the ongoing pandemic and tourist destinations are making huge efforts to recover from the effects of this global crisis. As our lives moved to the online, tourism shifted its focus on app development and attracting tourists by taking advantage of people’s smartphones.

Our smartphones are powerful assets that have become a vital part of our day-to-day lives. We have our entire lives on our phones and when it comes to traveling, we rely on them for almost everything.

If you are struggling to attract tourists during these highly uncertain times, then custom mobile apps are the answer for you. A custom travel app is the best digital solution for attracting international tourists.

Curious to find out more about mobile apps and how they can help you gain more traction and a wider audience? Take a look at the 5 best practices to attract international tourists with travel apps.

5 best practices to attract international tourists

1. Create a reward program for first-time visitors within your travel app

Reward programs can attract tourists from all around the world and can make the difference between an undecided traveler and a loyal one. You need to encourage first-time visitors to stay on your platform and there’s no better way than offering them a reward.

The first country in the world that offers a reward program is the Maldives, which is still trying to revive its tourism after the Covid-19 blow. They introduced a three-tiered loyalty program and travelers get points with every visit and for the duration of stay.

2. In-app booking to attract more tourists

A tourism app will become even more interesting if people are able to make in-app bookings. Giving tourists access to a travel app where they can easily book their next trip is a great way to attract more tourists.

Statistics suggest that 70% of travelers prefer to research their trips on their smartphones. And here’s where your in-app booking option can shine, as you give the tourists the opportunity to plan their holiday on their smartphones and even more, book their getaways directly on the travel app.

3. Travel apps make your destination more accessible

In order to have a hassle-free trip, tourists look for travel apps that can make everything more accessible for them. Having to look for information on various sites can be an inconvenience when all tourists want is to enjoy the country they are visiting.

Within the travel app, people want to have access to GPS-enabled interactive maps, points of interest, and audio guides. The in-app guide to your location will help tourists have a smooth holiday in your country by giving them a sense of security.

4. Reach a global audience with your custom app

As the recent pandemic proved, there are times when you can only reach your global audience with a custom mobile app. So in order to reach everyone, app localization and translation are necessary tools if you want your travel app downloaded worldwide.

App localization offers you the possibility to attract tourists all around the world, increase your sales and be ahead of the game. Tourists will gladly download a travel app that caters to them their language, multiplying the efficacy of multilingual apps.

5. Attract more tourists by harnessing the power of data

Mobile apps offer high-level user analytics which can help you understand your audience. Knowing what tourists using your travel app want will help you tailor your offer and engage more international traffic to your destination.

When it comes to selecting and booking vacations, the average leisure traveler uses 7-8 apps. The most widely used apps are related to branded airlines, weather, maps, and in-destination travel experience.

Now just imagine the value you could create if you provided all that information in a single travel app —  and the unparalleled user data you gain in the process.

Mobile apps are revolutionizing the tourism industry

Mobile apps are transforming the travel industry in ways that were thought impossible a few years back. They create borderless digital experiences and easier booking processes.

A custom travel app can increase international visibility by making travel destinations more accessible via digital guides, multilingual content, and interactive maps powered by geolocation.

As people love to do all their purchases in one place, giving your audience a one-stop-shop experience will guarantee an increase in traffic and sales.

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