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10 reasons to create a travel app with Eventya

Creating your travel app for Android and iPhone has never been easier. Eventya helps DMOs and tourism organizations build modern, well-designed mobile apps & websites.

Here are 10 reasons why you should work with us for your travel app:

(1) Create a travel app without coding

Eventya is a ready-built solution for travel destinations. It takes about 2 weeks to personalise the app and add the content and it’s 20 x cheaper than developing from scratch.

Configure Your App for your travel destination. Fill in the details of the app: app menu, brand identity, name, colours and so on. The demo can be ready in 48 hours.

Test your demo app and add your content. No coding skills required.

(2) We deliver Native travel apps

iOS and Android native apps are faster and more responsive compared to web apps or mobile cloud apps.

You can take maximum advantage of the push notifications you can only send in a native app.

A native travel app can integrate with the latest technology and give users the ability to access many services on their device. We’re talking here about the microphone, GPS or camera.

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(3) Eventya offers assistance in publishing your mobile apps in AppStore and Google Play

We offer you help with creating your developer account and publishing your mobile apps in AppStore and Google Play.

Also, we ensure unlimited app republishing.

Eventya can prepare a Launch Kit for AppStore and Google Play: visuals, texts and keywords.

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(4) You can create your travel app in as many languages as you want

The BackOffice allows you to add your content for both the travel app and website. You can add content in your platform in as many languages as you need for your tourists.

It’s simple, intuitive and easy to use. You can add and manage any type of content from one place.

(5) Because we have award-winning travel apps built with Eventya

At Eventya, we build solutions with the end-user in mind. Consequently the quality of the mobile apps and associated website is really high.

Some of our clients like tourist associations, DMOs or County Halls, received various awards for their destination’s mobile app.

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These apps stand out from the crowd through a great user Interface, fast loading time and high performance, great content and innovative features.

(6) You can share access to local Tourism & Travel services

As a DMO or Tourism Association, you can give access to the back office to an unlimited number of contributors and allow them to create content: employees, event organisers, local businesses or organisations.

You can choose the access rights of each member of your team or collaborator. Monitor the activity of your team members, including the content they publish.

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(7) You can add an Audio Guide for your destination

Add multi-language audio files to any point of interest so that your tourists can experience a destination in the coolest possible way.

For example, Visit Harghita allows tourists to discover top attractions with the help of storytelling and audio guides.

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(8) You get the iOS and Android mobile apps and an associated website

With various features & built-in modules, Eventya is used by more than 500,000 users. You can start creating beautiful and professional-looking mobile apps and associated website.

The website is responsive and designed for fast display. You can connect the website to your existing custom domain.

Just add the content once in the back-office and it will be available on all three channels.

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(9) Because you can measure the success of your platform

Get an overview of all your iOS & Android downloads, trends, active users, sessions, average session time and more.

Find out your website’s visits, active users, average use time, bounce rate, access hours, where are the users coming from, top 10 keywords.

Keep track of the new content created (pages, events, reviews, users’ collections), pages followers, top 10 pages / events.

See where your users are coming from (country, city) and what devices they’re using.

Export your platform statistics in a PDF format and choose to receive the report via email weekly or monthly.

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(10) Because it’s a SaaS service with a fixed monthly price

Eventya is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform designed to help you launch your native apps and websites in less than 48 hours and at a fraction of the cost.

The new features and modules we’ll be releasing, as well as the new versions of your apps will come at no extra cost.

Photo sources: Visit Covasna facebook Page, Format from Pexels

Create your own tourism app!

Send us a few details about the app you want to build and you’ll soon have it on your phone.

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