Community Mobile Apps help improve People’ Engagement and cultivate Members’ Loyalty

{Community Mobile Apps} help improve People’ Engagement and cultivate Members’ Loyalty

Community Mobile Apps are bringing people together

The purpose of building community mobile apps is to make strong connections between a large number of people and to facilitate communication and engagement around their shared beliefs and interests.

Eventya helps your community achieve that with user-proven features and without investing large amounts of time and money in custom development.

Choosing Eventya vs Developing From Scratch

Collaborative platform
Collaborative platform

Local businesses can manage their own Page within the platform, create offers and add events.

Fixed price
Fixed price

The new features and modules we’ll be releasing, as well as the new versions of your apps will come at no extra cost.

We’ve got your back
We’ve got your back

We’ll help you design and organize your platform, and create outstanding content that will impress your tourists.

What’s In For the Community Members?

Community Events Calendar

The platform displays all the exciting community events. Filter the list of events, based on your interests.

Push Notifications

Follow your favourite places or event organizers and instantly get notified, through push notifications, about events or special offers.

Recommendations & Experiences

Discover and share unique experiences and hidden gems from your community, that cannot be discovered elsewhere.

Discover new locations

Write articles to share unique experiences and hidden gems within your destination that cannot be discovered elsewhere.

Promotional Videos and Live Streams

Never miss a thing from your favourite tribe! The app can display promotional event videos, interviews with local influencers or Live Streams.

Community Mobile Apps Modules

Market-proven set of modules to help you build your own personalized community mobile apps.

Events agenda
Live Streaming
Nearby Map Search
Special offers
Push Notifications
Reviews & Ratings

Latest Community Mobile Apps Created with Eventya App Builder

Table Soccer App

Table Soccer App

Client: International Table Soccer Association
iOS, Android, Website

mobile app for the local elections

Client: Tudor Gabriel Bohalteanu
Android, Website

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

  • " Eventya represents for us that "magic wand" with which our ideas came to life. With everything we imagined and wanted to be in the ParcareOnline and ExitPoll applications, they helped us, both technically and creatively.

    Eventya is the partner that any entrepreneur wants, because you really feel how the people here are 100% dedicated to the projects they support. I recommend to any private company or public institution that needs to develop a mobile application and website, to use Eventya products and services to ensure its success. "

    Tudor Gabriel Bohalteanu

    Tudor Gabriel Bohalteanu

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash