Grow Your Audience With a Custom Community App

Grow Your Audience With a Custom {Community App}

Community Mobile Apps Can Bring Your Audience Closer

Despite our technological advancements, it’s now easier to lose connection than ever. All the noise from social media and news outlets can be overwhelming.

But, what if there was a solution to maintaining your community values and growing your audience? We reassure you that there is, and it’s called a community mobile app.

A community app gathers all your audience in a single, interactive platform that you alone control. It’s a great way to increase member loyalty and skyrocket your engagement rates.

More so, it gives your audience a reason to connect with your brand and with each other. Your community app is the key to turning brand awareness to brand intimacy.

Did we spark your curiosity? Read on about all the benefits of community apps below.

How Can a Mobile App Strengthen Your Community?

Community apps are a proven way to connect with your audience, by removing the physical boundaries. This way your followers will always feel included. And it gets even better. Let’s go through some of the key benefits together.

Promote Community Interaction

By giving your followers an exclusive platform, you’ll greatly boost interactions with your brand and among the users.

Keep Your Followers Updated

Live push notifications will keep your community permanently posted and engaged.

Boost Event Participation

The mobile app’s event calendar will make event management easy and increase participation.

Know Your Community

Tap into your audience’s preferences with the community app’s behavioural data and user analytics.

Reach a Larger Audience

Increase future attendance up to 30%, by live streaming your events within the mobile app.

Choose the Best Venues

Genuine user reviews and ratings will help you pick the best location in town.

Make Reservations Easily

The in-app reservation system guarantees the most seamless experience for all your members.

How Community Apps Build Lasting Relationships?

A community app is a clever approach to giving your most dedicated followers a sense of exclusivity. It is the key to turning brand engagement into profound brand intimacy.

These mobile apps became solid community-building tools for a reason – they work like a charm. After all, a community is only a community when it has a place of its own. And a community app gives them just that- a digital space your followers can access from the comfort of their phones. Your new digital hub will help them grow into a reliable, tightly-knit community.

But, you must be wondering how a mobile app can achieve all this. Here are 3 ways a community app can turn your audience into the loyal digital family you deserve:

Gathers Your Audience in a Single Interactive Platform

Centralizing all your content and brand communication into a single, interactive mobile app is important. For one it will distinguish you from other brands or groups.

On the other hand, your audience will have easy access to all your content in one place. This will give them a place to engage with your brand and among each other.

Community engagement and loyalty don’t come for free. With a mobile app, you’ll be able to repay them with exclusivity and member privileges.

Distinguishes Your Brand in the Social Feed

The average smartphone user gets around 32 – 85 push notifications per day. Social media accounts for most of them. If your brand messages come through social media, they’ll most likely get lost among the tens of other notifications.

A community app will set your notifications apart from the influx of social media alerts. Additionally, your community will get used to getting all their insights from your app.

Centralizing your brand communication is a proven way to reach all your audience with your content, and stand out in the social newsfeed.

Gives Your Community a Reason to Engage

Having a community website can be beneficial, but not community-building. Your followers can’t really interact with it, share their experiences, or build relationships within it. Today’s internet users want something more interactive to invest their time in.

In contrast, your community app is an engaging social destination for your audience. It gives your audience an interactive space, which will keep them engaged with your brand.

Besides building lasting relationships, and centralizing brand communication, these mobile apps can complement many other organizational goals.

For instance, one of our customers achieved a 20% increase in YouTube views with his custom community app. And the best part is that you can unlock similar benefits for your own community – all in 3 easy steps.

Get Your Community App - Step by Step

Let’s go through the process of getting your custom community app today.

1. Request a Trial
1. Request a Trial

Access the Create Your App page and fill out the form. Kindly input your association’s website address, contact information, and your community app’s desired features.

Once you’ve submitted the form, you’ll be contacted within 3 business days by our development team to get going with your mobile app.

2. App Management Training
2. App Management Training

At any time during your 90 days trial, you can request an app management training with one of our consultants.

The training will be conducted over a call by our community app administrator.

You will learn how to set up your app, how to start adding content and how to keep your audience engaged.

3. Google Play and iTunes Submission
3. Google Play and iTunes Submission

Once you’ve tested out the mobile app and you’re ready to purchase, you’ll have to move to a paid account. We’ll submit your app in AppStore and Google Play.

We’ll need around 3-5 business days to prepare your app for submission.It takes around 7-15 business days for iTunes and 1-3 days for Google Play approval.

Next up? Start sharing content with your custom mobile app and see your community blossom.

Must-Have Features for Your Community App

Event Calendar

Manage & track your events with the mobile app’s event calendar.

Push Notifications

Instant notifications to reach your community anytime, anywhere.

Nearby Search

Built-in map to find the best places nearby.

Usage Analytics

Valuable data and usage analytics to stay on top of your community’s needs.

In-App Reservation

Let your members easily book venues, without having to leave your community app.

Reviews & Ratings

Find the places with the best user reviews, all within the mobile app.

Multi-Channel Reach

Members can conveniently access the app through your website and social media.


Open a new source of revenue, by monetizing your mobile app’s ad space.

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