Eventya is helping online newspapers go mobile

Eventya is helping online newspapers {go mobile}

Eventya’s news feed module delivers the most recent news to your audience's smartphones

whether you’re an online news publication or city hall

Advantages of Using Eventya’s News Feed Module:

Generate advertising revenue
Generate advertising revenue

Increase your ad revenue through in-app advertising.

Be a reporter: in-built services requests
Be a reporter: in-built services requests

Readers can openly send exclusive news scoops as service requests.

Drive more traffic to your website
Drive more traffic to your website

Drive more readers to your website and increase your brand recognition.

Here’s What Eventya’s News Feed Module Can Do For You

Implementing a reliable news feed module in your mobile app can increase your audience engagement, by offering users a trustworthy news feed.

Monetization through in-app ads

Generate additional revenue to your online publication by leveraging in-app advertising.

News categories

By categorizing your news and online content, you improve the navigability for your readers, increasing page views and session length.


Breaking News

Attract users’ attention, drive social sharing and encourage engagement with breaking news stories.


Mark an article as top news

Stick the most trending news features to the top of your news feed and increase their reach, by marking them as Top News.


Define and choose an author for each article

Improve user experience and navigability by letting your readers follow their favorite author. Through well-structured content, you create a community of loyal readers who appreciate an organized news feed.


Drive traffic to your website and boost analytics

Users can read the full article in-app or load it from an external URL.


Change the color of the read articles

Easily follow the articles that were read by changing their color. Having a faded color that sets apart the ones read from the ones unread improves user experience.


Eventya Analytics

Eventya analytics provides insights on how well your content is performing. You get information on your pages, news and events so you understand your audience better.


Our News Feed Module Can Help Online Publications:

Deliver live news directly to your audience’s smartphones,

which is the most significant advantage apps have over traditional media

Captivate your readers with an intuitive user interface

that brings more attractive attributes, like relevant news and video content

Enable cross-platform social media sharing,

to boost your audience engagement and grow your following

Our News Feed Module Can Help City Halls:

Create a stronger and more loyal relationship with your citizens

by delivering the latest news straight to their mobile devices

Engage the readers by sending push notifications

whenever there is fresh news that might concern them

Keep the citizens informed about important public information

through news, press releases, and other announcements

Features That Make Our News Feed Module Stand Out

Whether you’re an online news publication or city hall, Eventya’s news feed module delivers the most recent news to your audience's smartphones


Keep the readers up to date on the latest news

Top news

Mark an article as Top news and make it stick to the top of the news feed

Breaking News

Capture the headlines with exclusive news which builds trust with your audience

Drive traffic to your website

Increase your readership through articles that lead directly to your website

Push Notifications

Use instant push notifications to inform your audience in real-time


Use ads inside the app to keep your readers up to speed & increase revenue

From Readers to Reporters

Foster a strong sense of community among citizens by offering them the possibility to send news tips


Eventya Analytics Module helps you see what your readers are interested in within the mobile app

News Apps built with Eventya platform

news app

Turnul Sfatului News App

Client: Turnul Sfatului Newspaper
iOS, Android

Don’t just take our word for it!

see why our customers enjoy working with us

  • " We had and have an excellent collaboration with the Eventya team. Creating a mobile app for a news site that has an enormous amount of content is an extremely complicated task, with many, many small details that need to be considered and fine-tuned. Instead of a business relationship we developed one of collegiality with the wonderful group at Eventya and together we developed a new product designed to keep the public in Sibiu informed every moment of the day. "

    Bogdan Brylynski, editor at Turnul Sfatului Newspaper