Where To Go – Tourism app

Where To Go – Tourism app – the platform with Romania’s Worthy Places

Where To Go – Tourism app – is made by a group of people with a passion for traveling and for Romania. They decided to launch a platform dedicated to the most beautiful places and quality services in Romania. This Platform aims at building a community meant to share special tourist attractions and unique experiences from Romania. Currently, the Where To Go App is a small digital tourism guide focused on Brașov County [Romania]. Further information about other Romanian regions are to be added.

Do you know the answer to the question ‘Where To Go?’ Answer and win.

Iulian Pufu is the manager and the parent of this project. He told us that the idea came back in 2000, along with the lust for traveling and discovering Romania. “I felt the need to draft a tourist guide about this beautiful country. Although we live in the age of Google/Social Media, there is still no sincere tourist guide for Romania. I strongly hope that ‘Where To Go’’ will fill such need on the market” – he confessed.

“Where To Go” / “Unde Mergem” is a platform designed for persons looking for authentic places in Romania. Also, it’s intended for the persons willing to share original information and pictures.

The users that know the answer to the question ‘Where To Go’ are invited to take part at a unique contest. Their efforts will be rewarded with an outstanding mountain break in Poiana Brașov. Please read the details and register!

Exploiting the Eventya functionalities designed for touristic regions

The app integrates almost all the functions provided by the Eventya platform dedicated to touristic regions. They built a complex digital tourist guide containing:

  • Pages dedicated to tourism and hotel-restaurant operators
  • Pages and articles dedicated to well-known touristic objectives
  • Unlimited possibilities of adding written content, images and recorded videos
  • Marked tourist paths – cultural and mountain
  • Schedules of the most important and not to be missed cultural and sport events
  • List of offers provided by certain operators
  • Possibilities of highlighting certain objectives by means of ‘commercials’
  • The ‘Nearby’ map to be used for locating the objectives closest to you
  • Users may use the platform for rating the pages they visited
  • Users may follow pages and group their preferred locations
  • The ‘Touristic Regions’ module can be used for content organizing purposes

In June, Eventya developed a new module designed for supporting digital tourist guides. For more information please see ‘Regions a new module for the mobile touristic applications by Eventya’.

“Where To Go” / “Unde Mergem” is the first application to use the ‘Regions’ module. Since this is a tourist guide covering all counties in Romania, it was a perfect fit for them. The users have the possibility to view information on various areas and to plan their holidays better.

We wish to be the eyes, the nose, the mouth and ears of our users

Our Platform managed to cleverly highlight some of the content. ‘It is part of the documenting process: we wish to be the eyes, the nose, the mouth and the ears of the users, regardless of the location and the touristic attraction. The entire platform’s content is the result of a complex procedure.’ stated Iulian Pufu, the project manager..

‘Adapting our desires and needs to the functions of the Eventya platform (and the other way round) was very interesting. I believe we managed to exploit to the maximum the possibilities provided by the technical aspects. However, our collaboration will not stop here. I strongly hope that in the future there will be further availability for designing new functionalities for “Where To Go” application’. He added.

Where To Go / Unde Mergem – the first ‘objective digital tourist guide’

The promoters of the platform consider that the ‘Where To Go’ will be different from the other tourist guides available on the market, due to its objectivity.

The ‘Recommendations’ section of the ‘Where To Go’ application will never be impacted by money or by promoting contracts. Hence, we will use the information gathered during documenting, for the purpose of writing an objective recommendation, thereby using our own wording, without mentioning suggested or requested information, nor providing information requested by commercials-paying customers!’, stated the project’s initiator.

He also stated that ‘monetization is not the purpose, but the result of work”. The platform will provide marketing possibilities, however these are not impact the contents and recommendations.

Live. Share. Win.

A walk on the Tâmpa, a snack in ‘Casa de ceai a Reginei Maria’ / [Queen Mary’s Tea House] and visiting the beautiful Romanian villages & landscapes are the most impressive objectives with the greatest impact on the ‘Where To Go’ team, while documenting the content for the Brașov region.

We hereby invite you to use this platform for discovering Romania and enjoying exciting experiences!

The mobile app is available in Google Play and App Store. The contents are available also on the following website: Unde Mergem.

Create your own tourism app!

Send us a few details about the app you want to build and you’ll soon have it on your phone.

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