Eventya helps Podcasters & Content Creators build mobile apps & website

Eventya helps {Podcasters & Content Creators} build mobile apps & website

Engage and grow your audience, your way!

You’re putting out content everyday for your community on Social Media. You already know how much work, perseverance and dedication it takes to deliver it in the right format and at the right time.

How about creating your own space, where your community can engage with you without the algorithm constraints? Create your own, dedicated app.

Why should you build your own app?

You already have the content

Whether you are a blogger, vlogger, coach, musician, or any other type of content creator, you’ve already done half of the hard work it takes to build an app.

Skip the algorithm, deliver content to your audience at your own terms.

If they already consume your content on YouTube, podcast platforms, blog platforms or even Social Media, then the next step for you is to redirect them to your own private space: your own app.

Why build your app on Eventya and not build from scratch?

Unbeatable price
Unbeatable price

Compared to building from scratch, an Eventya app will cost you pennies

Built-in features
Built-in features

We already have all the features you will need from your Content Creators app

Ads & Analytics modules
Ads & Analytics modules

The dream team that will help you monetise your app

What will you be able to do with your app?

Send push notifications

Each time you want to announce something new, you have the most powerful feature of any app at hand. Whether you just posted a new video on YouTube, a new recipe on your blog, a new course or you have a new LP coming out on Spotify, this is your chance to grab everyone's attention.

Grow your YouTube views and follows, for free

All videos integrated in your app are actually being played from YouTube. This means each view in your app counts on your YouTube analytics. How cool is that?

Sell tickets, Display events calendar

If you’re an entertainer or if you organise live events, you can integrate the calendar module in your app. Users will be able to buy tickets and you can notify them each time you add a new event.


The player module allows you to upload and stream your podcasts

Earn money

Integrate seamless ads in your app and advertise your sponsors. Back-up your campaigns with in-depth analytics.

Premium / Free Content

Easily create sections of the app that are available to everyone and create a members only area for paying customers.

Content creators & Podcasters App Modules

Market-proven set of modules to help you build your own personalized app and website.

Articles & News
Live Streaming
Events agenda
Push Notifications
Reviews & Ratings
Premium / Free Content

Latest Content Creator Apps made with Eventya

Grab your guitar - community app

Grab your guitar

Client: Play Cultural Association
iOS, Android, Website

Gong Theater App

Gong App

Client: Gong Theater for kids and youth
iOS, Android, Website

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