Monetizing Your Mobile App: Best Ad Networks

The mobile industry has taken the world by storm and it seems like there’s no stopping it since mobile devices accounted for 57.38 % of total web traffic in February 2022 alone.

As the mobile app industry is growing so does mobile advertising, as marketing experts recognize its benefits. In-app advertising is one of the most popular marketing strategies to monetize your mobile app and is easily doable thanks to mobile ad networks.

Now, you don’t want to miss this next part, where we go through the top ad networks and help you choose the best strategy for your custom app.

Top Mobile Ad Networks in 2022

A mobile app ad network, also known as an ad network, is a platform that advertisers use to connect with mobile app publishers. By working with advertisers, mobile app owners can generate passive income through mobile advertising.

In-app advertising is the fastest-growing type of mobile advertising on the market right now, replacing the traditional mobile web. As shown by numerous studies in this field, people spend increasingly more time on their mobile devices, using apps.

Now let’s see which mobile ad network works best for in-app advertising strategies in 2022.

1. Google AdMob

AdMob is a mobile ad network owned by Google and is the go-to platform that helps you monetize and promote your mobile app with high-quality ads. This app ad network helps you monetize your app with in-app advertising formats such as text, video, interactive media, and images.

AdMob enables the use of whichever ad format and the option to place ads leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) that will automatically generate ads. Adding ads manually is also an option with AdMob, allowing you to place them wherever you want.

Best Parts:

  • Google AdMob is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows Phone devices, and lets you run CPC, CPI, and CPM campaigns.
  • AdMob works with millions of advertisers that fight for ad space in your app — meaning more relevant ads for your users and increased revenue for you.
  • It offers ad mediation so you can show ads from the highest-paying networks and earn the highest cost per thousand impressions. (CPM)
  • AdMob combines worldwide advertiser demand, creative ad formats, and powerful app monetization technologies, to maximize the value of every impression.

2. AdColony

AdColony is an ad network that focuses on mobile video advertisements and is owned by Digital Turbine. Their advanced technology provides full-screen HD ads that no longer have long load times and grainy, choppy videos.

Thanks to their high-quality video ads, AdColony won over 20 awards for its performance, making it the leading monetization and mobile video advertising platform. There are more than 65 developers and designers that are working to make every video ad catch the user’s eye.

Best parts:

  • It uses the CPM business model and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.
  • AdColony is known for its proprietary Instant-Play™ HD mobile video technology.
  • Users are targeted based on advanced demographics.
  • AdColony reaches over 1.5 billion users globally.

3. Facebook Ads

When talking about top ad networks, Facebook Ads maintains its second place in acquiring high-quality users for non-gaming apps. Facebook has more than 2.7 billion active users which makes it the most popular marketing platform and the best option to monetize your mobile app.

Facebook ads use ad types such as banners, slideshows, video ads, and carousel banners to cater better to your business. What sets Facebook ads apart from other ad networks is the possibility to micro-target the audience, which enables you to target a specific demographic for each ad.

Best parts:

  • Facebook Ads can be used for Android, iOS, as well as web platforms, and you can run CPI and CPM campaigns.
  • It functions on a “pay-per-click” model — the single largest advertising system on the internet.
  • Facebook ads are low cost, ranging from a few cents to a couple of dollars per click and results are often immediate.
  • Facebook has the highest retail Return On Ad Spend (ROAS), and according to Statistica, 41% of marketers claimed that Facebook gave them the best ROAS.

4. Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads offer better mobile ad performance since the ads show up in the timeline instead of the side of the screen, making them feel more organic. The best part of using Twitter ads for mobile app monetization is keyword targeting — you can target people who have tweeted a particular hashtag or keyword.

Another great thing about Twitter Ads is that you can use Tweet engager targeting to pursue only the people who promoted your tweet and responded to it. This strategy guarantees you’ll have higher engagement rates, and the ability to drive traffic to your app on and off Twitter channels.

Best parts:

  • Android and iOS platforms are supported on this ad network and you can make use of CPI, CPM, and CPC campaigns.
  • Twitter Ads offers deep linking technology which allows ads to be linked to a specific section of an app’s content.
  • You pay only when you’ve reached your goal and the cost per click is cheap as well.
  • Twitter Ads allows you to target every Twitter user who follows a specific account thanks to their tailored audience option.

5. Applovin

Applovin leverages sophisticated campaign data with which it can detect high-quality app users who might want to download an app. It conducts in-depth campaign evaluations to target users who are more likely to engage with the app and make a purchase.

This ad network is an ROI-based mobile marketing automation platform that connects with more than 1 billion users per month. Applovin is able to give you insights and expertise in order to market, finance, and expand your business.

Best parts:

  • Applovin is compatible with Android, iOS, and mobile web platforms.
  • It offers CPC and CPA campaigns, as well as bespoke targeting and retargeting options.
  • Applovin provides a platform of integrated products to help you improve customer experience, increase your revenue, and grow your mobile app business.

Closing thoughts On the Best Mobile Ad Networks

Finding the best ad network could turn out to be overwhelming when there’s so much data to consider. But ultimately it comes down to what best suits your mobile app or personal brand.

Firstly figure out what type of marketing campaign you want to run and see which of these ad networks support it. Whether you want to monetize your mobile app or promote it, there’s a mobile ad network that fits your needs.

Mobile advertising is an accessible and affordable method to create a stable source of passive income and now you know how to reap the benefits of an ad network.

All you need is a mobile app to start generating passive income and here’s the best part — Eventya’s intuitive app builder helps you launch your custom mobile app at a fraction of the cost.

Building your custom app with Eventya and choosing the best ad network will guarantee the best odds for generating passive income.

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