Custom Apps Help Museums, Zoos, and Theme Parks Increase Brand Loyalty

Custom Apps Help Museums, Zoos, and Theme Parks Increase Brand Loyalty

Custom Mobile Apps Improve Visitor Experience!

Whether you manage a Theme Park, Zoo, or Museum, your audience’s experience will determine the success of your resort. It is what makes the difference between winning or losing your visitors.

Resorts worldwide are turning to guest-facing mobile apps to gain an edge over their competition. These visitor attraction apps are among the most proven tools to improve the visitor experience and generate an additional revenue stream.

The truth is that visitor attraction apps open numerous possibilities for both visitors and business owners. This is why they’re of utmost importance to us, here at Eventya.

If you’ve been looking to improve your visitor experience and loyalty, then stick with us. We’ll walk you through all the ways a mobile app can benefit your museum, theme park, or zoo.

How Can Visitor Attraction Apps Benefit Your Venue?

The digital transformation has brought a drastic shift in technological advancements, and customer expectations as well.

60% of the population is accounted for by digital natives. And digital natives place great emphasis on personalized experiences, as they’re used to getting from their favorite brands.

They’re also likely to expect an interactive mobile app, with all the mandatory visitor information and an online booking system as well. If your venue doesn’t offer in-app ticket purchases, they’ll likely skip the visit altogether.

A visitor attraction app will help you secure the most digitally-savvy audiences with personalized content and high-end mobile features.

And we’re not stopping there. Below you’ll find some of the main benefits a custom mobile app can have for your establishment.

Enhance Visitor Experience With a Digital Blueprint
Enhance Visitor Experience With a Digital Blueprint

Make your mobile app into a digital blueprint. Add content, interest points, and guided tours for a superior visitor experience.

Improve On-Site Navigation
Improve On-Site Navigation

Our interactive mapping feature helps guests find their way much easier and filter their interests while at it.

Eliminate Frustration
Eliminate Frustration

You can eliminate most friction points, by notifying your visitors in real-time about queues, schedule changes, or other incidents.

Increase Your Revenue
Increase Your Revenue

Customer attraction apps are a proven way to generate more revenue. Cedar Fair’s mobile apps alone, increased their season pass sales by an astonishing 10%.

Boost Future Event Participation
Boost Future Event Participation

The mobile app’s event calendar is proven to increase your event participation, and make event management easy.

Create Personalized Experiences
Create Personalized Experiences

By offering thematic tours, topical events, and location-based content, your customers’ experience will be individual and unforgettable.

Capture the Voice of Your Customers
Capture the Voice of Your Customers

The rating & review feature of the app can capture valuable feedback from your customers. Use this to improve your attractions and generate positive testimonials.

Make Your Content Unmissable
Make Your Content Unmissable

The custom app’s push notifications will keep your users engaged. They’ll never miss another one of your updates, events, or workshops again.

Captivate Your Audience with Visual Influence
Captivate Your Audience with Visual Influence

The live stream function offers a peek inside your tourist attraction, from all over the world. Users can check on the weather, follow your events or use it to plan their visit.

Essential Features for Your Visitor Attraction App

Interactive Map

In-app map with GPS coordinates, to pinpoint relevant points of interest (POI).

Audio Guide

Upload audio guides in multiple languages to promote and add value to your POIs.

Incidents Report

Enable your visitors to keep each other informed, with the mobile app’s incidents report feature.

Custom Tours

Engage your tourists with thematic tours including all your main attractions.

Special Offers

Create special discounts for mobile app users to boost downloads and user engagement.

Events Calendar

The in-app event calendar will simplify event management and boost future participation.

Push Notifications

Keep your audience up to date with the mobile app’s live push notifications.

Live Webcams

The mobile app’s webcam feature enables visitors to take a peek at your venue. It’s also a clever way to promote your main POIs.


Articles about events, news, or recommendations uploaded directly to your visitor attraction app.

Integrated Social Media

The mobile app’s integrated social media feature will help you leverage your following, by automatically uploading your Facebook and Instagram content to the app.

Usage Analytics

See what your users are doing within the mobile app with the advanced usage analytics feature.

Essential Visitor Information

Your mobile app is also a digital visitor center, containing information about parking, tickets, directions, and everything else your audience needs.

How Visitor Attraction Apps Increase Brand Engagement

Having a visitor stare at their phone in an amusement park usually meant that the visitor wasn’t engaged.

Now it’s the opposite. The more you see your customers on their smartphones, the bigger the brand engagement. They’re most likely sharing their experiences or dwelling in your mobile app’s stellar content. The truth is that mobile apps are fun and engaging tools.

Here are 4 reasons your theme park, zoo, or museum needs a custom mobile app, more than ever:

1. Mobile Apps Offer a Seamless Purchasing Experience


Making your tickets, bookings, and promotions purchasable within a mobile app is essential. Today’s tech-savvy customer isn’t willing to wait in line for tickets, he wants to book them instantly via smartphone.

Research also proves that mobile purchasing is here to stay. A recent study suggests that mobile will account for a staggering 72.9% of total e-commerce spend.

Meaning that you’ll lose out on a significant market share if your tickets aren’t available for mobile purchase.

Additionally, you’ll be able to run limited-time offers, personalized promotions, and retargeting campaigns, all within your custom app.

2. Unlock Additional Revenue Streams


Your custom app can help open new revenue streams for your venue. One of the most popular ways to do so is by monetizing the mobile app’s ad space.

Another practical application is to test out your new services or products. You can use the app to ask for customer feedback, use that to improve your offer, and launch it when you know it’ll gain traction.

3. Transform Visitor Insight Into SMART Action


Your custom mobile app comes with advanced usage analytics and access to user behavior you never had before. In turn, you’ll be able to make unparalleled, insight-driven operational decisions.

A deeper understanding of your customers’ behavior can also result in an improved content strategy, as well as individualized promotions and communication.

You’ll be able to further your visitors’ brand relationship, which brings us to our final point.

4. Visitor Attraction Apps Increase Customer Loyalty

That’s right, your custom mobile app can be leveraged to increase customer loyalty in numerous ways.

Start by offering personalized content and promotions to your visitors. Your app users will feel unique and encouraged to interact with your app.

Another bulletproof method is offering loyalty incentives to your veteran members. You can include member privileges or exclusive merchandise for them.

You can even take it up a notch and offer personalized birthday discounts and in-app loyalty programs.

In essence, remember that brand loyalty is one of the main driving forces behind sales. And the key to brand loyalty is understanding your customers.

How to Get Your Visitor Attraction App

Gain an intimate understanding of your visitors and promote your brand loyalty in 3 simple steps.

Request a Trial
Request a Trial

Access the Create Your App page and fill out the form. Kindly input your association’s website address, contact information, and your custom app’s desired features.

Once you’ve submitted the form, you’ll be contacted within 3 business days by our development team to get going with your mobile app.

Platform Training
Platform Training

This stage starts as soon as Google Play and iTunes have approved your mobile app. You’ll be receiving an email with your account login information, location URL, and a request form to set up your training.

Your app management training will be conducted over a call by our visitor attraction app administrator.

App Stores Submission
App Stores Submission

Once you’ve tested out the mobile app and you’re ready to purchase, you’ll have to move to a paid account. This is where we’ll submit your app for the app store and setup your website.

We’ll need 3 to 5 business days to prepare your app for submission, around 7-15 business days for iTunes and 1-3 days for Google Play approval.

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

  • " ASTRA Museum is a place for sharing passion and discovering quality experiences, a place where people can learn from the past, share their passion for folk art or learn about old skills and find new ways to re-use them for the future. Living in a highly technological world it's an asset for ASTRA Museum, not a threat. This app is a tool for efficient communication as well as a personal assistant to each visitor that wants to get deeper access to the stories embedded in our collections. "

    Mirela Iancu - Director of Cultural Marketing, ASTRA Museum

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