7 Top App Categories for 2022

We all use at least one mobile app in our everyday lives, whether we want to kill some time on our way to work, plan a trip, transfer money, or simply buy our next meal.

If you are a business owner it’s vital to focus on building a mobile app using the latest mobile app development trends. There has never been a better time than right now to develop a mobile app since the average adult uses 10 apps daily and 30 apps each month.

There’s a plethora of app categories and millions of mobile applications — infusing the mobile development market with significant potential.

Now let’s dive into some of the most popular app categories of 2022 which eventually can help you expand your business.

Top App Categories for 2022

1. Gaming Apps

There’s no secret that gaming apps are the most well-known mobile apps and some of the most downloaded. Google Play, for instance, generated 37.3 billion U.S. dollars in gaming app revenues in 2021. And people are playing increasingly more games on their smartphones since they can do it from anywhere.

Action games are one of the most popular types of games and play-to-earn games are gaining more and more ground as well. For those who don’t know, the play-to-earn games are built on blockchain technology and reward players with cryptocurrency for their time spent.

Games are everlasting and as long as people have a smartphone, there will always be a high demand for them because they offer a sense of accomplishment for their users.

2. Health and Wellness Apps

When it comes to wellness and the medical category, the sky’s the limit since there could be endless ways to expand your business or offer medical and wellness support with mobile apps.

For instance, doctors could use apps for making appointments, and by taking advantage of the push notification feature, to send appointment reminders. Furthermore, health education apps could help people learn more about their symptoms, illnesses, and vaccines without having to go to a hospital.

On the other hand, the fitness industry could benefit greatly from mobile apps, by creating personal training apps, cooking apps, weight loss apps, and much more. Gym owners can seamlessly share training schedules, manage memberships and offer loyalty points to their members.

3. Finance App

Finance apps rose in popularity over the years and are being used as mobile payment apps, asset management apps, mobile banking, and personal finance apps. These types of mobile apps can also be used to invest in the stock market and digital assets. Thanks to their versatility, finance app usage is growing 115% each year.

The thought of using an app to track costs, pay bills, and trade stocks appeal to many people because they help them feel more in charge of their finances. Finance apps are portable, easy to use, and can cater to a wide range of services and that makes them some of the most popular apps.

4. Grocery Apps and Food Delivery

These mobile apps have boomed in the past years mainly due to lockdowns and government regulations. A custom app is user-friendly and enables users to order groceries from the comfort of their smartphones and spare a trip to the supermarket.

The same goes with food delivery apps which are great things to have if you are a restaurant owner. There’s a staggering 67% of people in the US that prefer to order food directly from the restaurant’s mobile app. With the aid of food delivery apps, you can manage reservations and send offers to loyal customers.

If your business is in the grocery and food industry, you need to take into consideration that mobile apps are the future and your business will grow exponentially with their help.

5. Education and E-Learning App

E-Learning apps are also growing since remote learning took the place of normal education when lockdowns were implemented.

Apart from universities and schools that benefit from E-Learning apps, more and more people use them to learn new skills. Take, for instance, Duolingo, a mobile app where you can learn new languages, which had a 148% monthly increase in new user signups in 2020.

Mobile app development can also be used to create educational and e-learning apps for children and of course, the best example of success is the Kids Learning Tube. This platform offers educational videos on all subjects and gives a clear view of the potential of educational apps.

6. Lifestyle Apps

This is one of those app categories that can cater to a large variety of lifestyle aspects, from dating or shopping apps to self-care apps and many more.

The most popular apps in this category are dating apps with 49% of US adults aged between 18 and 29 that used an online dating app. The time when dating apps were taboo has long passed and people are using them to find a partner because they are convenient and efficient.

As every individual is unique so are their interests and personalities and this is why lifestyle apps can be so versatile. Whether you develop a mobile app for helping your users with their nutrition, meditation plans, or sleep schedule, you can provide value to each and every individual.

7. Travel Apps

Last but not least, travel apps entered our life and made travel more accessible, improving user experience and making trip planning hassle-free. Thanks to the travel apps users can find a place to stay, book, and pay it, all in just one app.

Some apps can also provide tips on where to eat and what to do, or help users find means of transportation. Furthermore, promoting your city with a travel app is one of the easiest and most fun ways to attract more tourists and grow your business.

Since people spend more and more time on their smartphones it’s only fair to offer them a virtual community hub where the next trip requires just a tap on their smartphones.


If you want to grow your business with mobile apps, knowing which app categories are in trend for 2022 is a great place to start. As technology is continuing to evolve, we can expect a wide variety of mobile apps to immerse and make our everyday lives more effortless.

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