Core Features & Modules

These are some of the main modules that make our native apps engaging, easy to build, and highly functional.


Our pre-designed pages enable you to tailor your app to your needs. The module’s most popular features include:

    • Captivate your audience with numerous layouts: content pages, interactive maps with points of interest (POI), events, and much more
    • The multi-language feature will offer your content a wider reach.
    • Easy implementation of any pre-existing reservation and online ticketing systems.
    • Upload audio guides to your pages to enhance the user experience.
    • Highlight your content by pinning your pages to the top and featuring them in multiple categories.

Events Calendar

Our dedicated Events Calendar makes event management seamless and increases participation. The module’s most popular features include:

  • Create a centralized event agenda for all your upcoming events. Your app users can organize their own events here as well.
  • Easily update your events and notify your audience, all within the app.
  • Increase ticket sales by integrating an online ticketing system.
  • Increase future participation by automatically notifying your audience about newly added events.
  • Create group events with activities spread across multiple days and locations.


Implement and promote unlimited offers with Eventya’s Offers module. The module’s most popular features include:

  • Create unlimited offers, or share the ones of local businesses.
  • Increase your ROI with limited-time offers, rich descriptions, media, and internal links.
  • Add special categories, to help your app users filter through your offers and find the best fit.
  • Include featured offers directly to your homepage to increase their conversion rate.


Monetize your custom mobile app with our Ads module. The module’s most popular features include:

  • Design unlimited ads to fit any of your organizational goals: increase brand awareness, get more app users, grow your newsletter, etc.
  • Create custom ads for third parties, for an additional source of revenue.
  • Choose the location and time your ad is displayed to your target audience.
  • Increase your ad’s ROI with internal or external links and a persuasive call to action.


Gain genuine user reviews with our platform’s Reviews & Ratings module. The module’s most popular features include:

  • Enable your app’s users to offer genuine reviews & ratings.
  • Give a voice to your community by allowing them to share their experiences within the app.
  • Instantly ban users who don’t adhere to your guidelines.
  • Monitor your reviews & ratings directly from your back office.

Interactive Map

Make your organization stand out with Eventya’s Interactive Maps. The module’s most popular features include:

  • Help users find attractions with the map’s nearby search function.
  • Add points of interest (POI) to your interactive map.
  • Create different color schemes for different POI categories to ease navigation.
  • Promote your main attractions with special tours.
  • Allow your app users to design their own custom routes.

Push Notifications

Keep your audience engaged with instant push notifications sent directly to their smartphones. The module’s most popular features include:

  • Create and disseminate instant notifications directly from the mobile app.
  • Your notification will be available in all the languages included in your app.
  • Promote your events, content, or POIs with scheduled or instant notifications.
  • Set up automatic push notifications for new followers, new events, or fresh content.
  • Enable calendar notifications to increase event participation.


Geographical Regions help information segmentation and improve the user experience. The module’s most popular features include:

  • Create dedicated regions and sub-regions for your quarter, city, and country.
  • Assign a region to your pages, events, and offers to improve navigation.
  • Add tourist information about nearby POIs. Create special categories for Accommodation, Dining, and Tourist Attractions for filtered searches.
  • Enable region-specific push notifications to keep your audience updated.
  • Promote your regions by adding them to your app’s homepage and website, for increased visibility.

Incident Reporting and Tracking

Enables your app users to report and track local incidents in real-time. The module’s most useful features include:

  • Allow authenticated users to securely report incidents within your community.
  • Real-time overview of local incidents, that can even be assigned to your City Hall’s relevant department.
  • Offer status updates to your users via email and push notifications and receive automatic reports on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • Set up your own incidents categories & subcategories, and get instant notifications for every new incident report.
  • Keep your audience safe and informed, with our superior incident management module.

Additional Benefits of the Eventya App Builder

Now, features and modules are important, but they aren’t the only decisive factors when it comes to building IOS & Android native apps. There’s a lot more that goes into their performance, functionality, and security as well.

You don’t just get a set of flashy features when you sign up for our free trial. But a fully operational app builder software that enables you to build high-end mobile apps, without coding.

Back Office

Once you’ve signed up for our free trial, you’ll gain access to Eventya’s intuitive back office. Here you can start to build your native mobile app, add collaborators, as well as manage your content and brand communication.

  • An intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard, available in English, French, Spanish, German, Romanian, and Hungarian.
  • Customize your modules, manage your content, events, and notifications, directly from our dashboard.
  • Give multi-level access to an unlimited number of contributors. Edit their membership rights by enabling access to specific modules.
  • Monitor your team’s activity from the back office.
  • Instantly export data in .csv format.
  • Manage your community and ban unwelcome users, all within this multi-functional dashboard.


Security is of the essence, here at Eventya. To protect our users’ data we constantly monitor and prevent potential security breaches. Moreover, the app owner is the only one who can grant access within the back office.

Here are some of our additional efforts to keep your data secure:

  • Create different levels of access within your team to keep your app secure: platform owner, page manager, user, etc.
  • Frequently updated security protocols to keep your platform and data safe from cyber-attacks.
  • Advanced firewall to prevent the access of unauthorized users.
  • OAuth for access delegation, to enable secure authorization within our platform.
  • SSL Certificate to assure a secure and encrypted server connection.

Complimentary Website

No, you didn’t read that wrong – you get a free website for your mobile app, with no additional charges. Here are some of the top features you can expect:

  • Fully adaptive, configured to display flawlessly across any screen and device.
  • Fast loading time and stable performance to improve your SEO.
  • Built to display in consecutive layers and load the content progressively.
  • Optimal search engine indexation, guaranteed by the website’s HTML code.
  • You can connect your custom domain to your new website. We’ll manage the SSL certificate for the registration process on your behalf if you choose to do so.

Native iOS & Android Apps

As opposed to standard no-code app builders, we offer Native iOS & Android Apps. Here are some of the greatest benefits your audience will enjoy:

  • Native Apps explicitly built for IOS or Android offer the best performance. They are faster and more responsive than web apps and mobile cloud apps.
  • Native apps are more intuitive and interactive – drastically improving your user experience.
  • Native apps bring more versatility to the table. They’re able to sync with the latest technology, like the microphone, camera, or GPS of the smartphone.
  • Increased security to protect all your information and user data at all times.
  • Advanced element caching and rigorous testing on multiple systems, to ensure optimal performance and functionality.
  • Native apps will make part of your content available to your users offline.

Photo Credit:

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash