Core Features & Modules

Pieces and parts that make specific flows and functionalities that cover various types of mobile apps, connected with a website


  • Choose from  various layouts  for your pages: articles, points of interest (POI), routes, events and more
  • Add multi-language content
  • Add audioguides to your pages for an enhanced user experience
  • Integrate your existing reservations or ticketing systems  within the pages of your platform
  • Pin pages to top to highlight popular content
  • Feature pages in many categories for more visibility


  • Create a complete events calendar for your destination, theatre, museum, etc
  • Manage events directly from your Backoffice
  • Add group events with activities spreading over multiple days, hours and locations
  • Get event organizers to add their own content
  • Sell more tickets by integrating your ticketing system
  • Notify users automatically when a new event is added by a page they follow


  • Create and share unlimited offers from local businesses
  • Add photos, descriptions, expiry dates and links to your offers
  • Help users find offers they are interested in by creating special categories for each type of offer
  • Feature offers in your homepage and menu for higher visibility

Reviews & Ratings

  • Give your users a voice and allow them to share their experience with others
  • Allow app users to give ratings and leave reviews
  • Monitor reviews & ratings directly from your backoffice
  • Ban spam / malicious users

Search on map

  • Help users find interesting nearby attractions by creating an interactive map that includes points of interests (POIs).
  • Highlight different POIs categories with the use of colours
  • Create special routes and tours
  • Allow users to create their own routes by selecting various POIs

Push Notifications

  • Create and review push notification from your backoffice
  • Push notifications in all the languages available in the platform
  • Direct users towards an event, offer, POI or external link
  • Schedule your notifications or send them instantly
  • Enable automatic push notifications to be sent to page followers (for new events or offers) or to users who set up reminders for events

Incident Reports – Smart City Solutions

  • Offer your citizens a better tool for reporting problems encountered in the city
  • Setup your own incidents categories & subcategories
  • Assign incidents categories to the responsible departments within your City Hall so they can review and manage incidents
  • Get an overview of all incidents and their status in real time
  • Receive automatic reports via email, weekly or monthly
  • Get notifications every time a user reports an incident
  • Keep users up to date around the status of their reported incident via push and email notifications
  • Enable a secure and transparent communication by allowing only authenticated users to report incidents


  • Create unlimited ads for special offers, advertisements, invite users to sign up for your newsletter or to complete a form
  • Choose the location of your ad
  • Add Call to Actions
  • Set availability periods
  • Add internal or external links


  • Arrange sections on your mobile app’s home page using drag & drop 
  • Easily change the tab bar of the mobile apps without needing to update your app in Stores
  • Easily change colours and other visual elements
  • Customize your website’s horizontal menu and homepage slider


  • Give access to the back office of your platform to an unlimited number of contributors
  • Choose the access rights of each member of your team / collaborator (Platform Manager or Page Manager)
  • Allow Page Owners to manage, publish and create their own pages
  • Add multiple Page Owners to contribute to a specific page
  • Monitor each user’s activity, including the content they publish
  • Filter users by “name”, “recently signed up” or “number of sessions”
  • Export user information in a .csv format
  • All user data is collected taking into consideration the latest GDPR regulations


  • Get an overview of all your iOS & Android downloads, trends, active users, sessions, average session time and more
  • Find out your website’s visits, active users, average use time, bounce rate, access hours, where are the users coming from, top 10 keywords and more
  • Keep track of the new content created (pages, events, reviews, users’ collections), pages followers, top 10 pages / events, and more
  • See where your users are coming from (country, city) and what devices they’re using
  • Export your platform statistics in a PDF format and choose to receive the report via email weekly or monthly

iOS & Android native apps

  • iOS and Android native apps are faster and more responsive compared to web apps or mobile cloud apps
  • They can integrate with the latest technology and give users the ability to access multiple services on their device, such as the microphone, GPS or camera
  • Our platform optimizes and caches different elements of your app to ensure optimal performance
  • Some app content is also available offline
  • We perform rigorous testing of all mobile apps on various mobile devices to ensure an optimal functionality
  • You can opt to offer the content of your app in multiple languages


  • Fully adaptive, meaning that it is automatically configured to fit every screen size
  • Designed for fast display and stability
  • Designed to be displayed in consecutive layers, loading the content in a progressive manner
  • The HTML code of the website ensures optimal indexation by search engines
  • You can connect your custom domain to the website built with Eventya
  • The website is available in HTTPS and includes an SSL certificate. If you’d like to set up a custom domain name, we will manage the SSL certificate registration process on your behalf


  • Available in English
  • Simple, intuitive and easy to use
  • Add and manage any type of content from one dashboard
  • Customize modules available in your plan
  • Give multi-level access to an unlimited number of contributors and allow them to create content
  • Setup the contributors membership status by selecting which modules they have access to
  • Monitor the activity of your team members
  • Export data in .csv format
  • Manage reviews and ban users for misuse of the application

Additional platform optimizations

To ensure an optimal platform performance, we strive to optimise each element, especially the visual ones that impact loading time and user experience.

  • Add as many images as you need on every page to create a personalized, unique app
  • Images are automatically resized, compressed and cached to reach the best size, performance and display quality mix for an improved user experience
  • For a seamless user experience, images are loaded progressively allowing the app to load faster
  • HTML tags are assigned to your website images to facilitate their indexation by search engines


To protect users and data we monitor and prevent security breaches. In addition, only the Platform Owner grants access within the Backoffice.

  • Choose the role for your team members and collaborators: Platform owner / Page Manager / User
  • Access of unauthorised users is restricted thanks to an advanced Firewall protection
  • We protect your platform and data against possible outside vulnerabilities and attacks. This is possible thanks to frequent security updates and continuous advanced security protocols
  • We use OAuth, an open protocol for user authentication to allow secure authorization in the platform
  • Available SSL Certificate for an encrypted and secure server connection