Build Your Community with Eventya’s Dedicated Church Apps

Build Your Community with Eventya’s Dedicated {Church Apps}

Build Your Community and Nurture it, with a Church App

Much like large families, congregations need continuous nurturing as well. And what better way to nurture your flock than with scripture-based content, live sermons, and an interactive event calendar.

You can reap all these benefits and many more with a dedicated church app.

In the era of digitalization, distractions can disrupt the most tightly-knit religious communities. Here’s your chance to take advantage of that same disruptive technology. Create your church app, and let it be the online vessel of your congregation.

How Can a Mobile App Serve Your Church?

Studies suggest that most adults have their smartphones with them 22 hours a day. This is where the community-building power of a mobile app lies – in reaching the people where they spend their time.

This is only one of the countless ways your congregation will benefit from a church app.
Let us walk you through some more:

Access the Bible Anytime

What better place to have the Bible in, than your mobile app? This way your parishioners will always have the holy scripture in their pockets.

Receive Seamless Donations

Easily get one time or recurring PayPal donations from your mobile app users.

Upload Your Sermons

Upload video and audio of your sermons within the app and spread the word of God to those who couldn’t join you in person.

Connect & Communicate

Connect with your congregation anytime, anywhere! You’ll be able to communicate news, events, or any changes to your programs with the mobile app.

Increase Church Participation With an Event Calendar

Keep your parishioners posted about service and related participation rules with an interactive event calendar.

Share Your Church’s Story

Tell your congregation about your church’s history, head pastor, and vision. This can help visitors or new members get acquainted with your mission.

Instantly Reach Out to Your Congregation

Use the efficacy of push notifications to reach out to your whole community in an instant. Last-minute changes will never be an issue again.

Features Your Church App Can’t Miss

Sermons Schedule

Engage your community by sharing your ministry program in the interactive event calendar.

Push Notifications

Inform your congregation about urgent matters using instant notifications.

Church News

Engage and update your community with the church app’s news feature.

Upload Your Sermons

Share a video or audio recording of your sermons with the mobile app’s advanced content features.

Mobile Giving

Inspire your community to support your church’s causes with a secure and seamless donation feature.

Polls, Surveys, RSVPs

Keep improving your ministry with constant feedback. Easily deploy polls, surveys, and RSVPs using the mobile app.

Usage Analytics

Improve church app engagement by gaining valuable insights with the usage analytics feature.

Church Staff Profiles

Share vital information about the staff members and their contact information using the Contact Us feature.

Live Stream

Live stream your sermons directly in the mobile app, for those who couldn’t join you on Sunday.

Find My Church

Help new members find your church, with seamless in-app navigation.

Church Forum

Encourage discussion and community engagement by including a forum in your church app.

Integrated Social Media

Grow your community using the vast reach of social media, integrated into your church app.

How Mobile Apps Help Churches Grow?

When it comes to mobile apps, we usually think of people glaring at their smartphone screens in isolation. But what if this isn’t the case?

The truth is that a mobile app, like any tool, can be used for multiple purposes. While one app promotes distancing, the other can help build your community and nurture engagement.

Pastors and ministry leaders worldwide are starting to recognise the immense benefits of mobile apps. These can draw your community closer, by allowing them to engage with your content anywhere, anytime.

Don’t believe us?

Check out these 4 ways a church app can grow your community and lead to a better connection with them:

Take the Church to the Community

Gaining new churchgoers is becoming increasingly more difficult in the digital age. A mobile app or website is likely the first point of contact for new audiences. Moreover, you can rekindle your relationship with estranged community members as well.

All you have to do is bring the church into the palm of your community, with a customized church app.

Make Event Planning Simple

We all know the stress of last-minute changes when it comes to organizing an event. By centralizing church communication this is a thing of the past.

With a mobile app, you can send instant notifications to your whole community in seconds and make sure no one misses out.

Become Part of Your Community’s Life

For most community members, religion is merely a Sunday activity. A church app can make it a cardinal part of their lives, by reaching them where they spend most of their time – on their phones.

Bring the word of God into the lives of your congregation and your ministry will blossom.

Promote Relationship Building

A mobile app can help your community connect with your church and with each other. It can enable the churchgoers to form strong relationships, without demanding proximity – especially important in times of global uncertainty.

Turn your community into a prayerful family with a church app.

You must be wondering about how difficult it is to unlock all these benefits for your congregation. Well, we’ve got good news – it’s never been easier!

How to Get Your Church App - Step by Step

You can have your own church app in 3 simple steps. Let us break it down for you below.

1. Request a Trial for your Mobile App
1. Request a Trial for your Mobile App

Access the Create Your App page and fill out the form. Kindly input your organization’s website address, contact information, and your church app’s desired features.

Once you’ve submitted the form, you’ll be contacted within 3 business days by our development team to start your mobile app.

2. App Management Training
2. App Management Training

At any time during your 90 days trial, you can request an app management training with one of our consultants.

The training will be conducted over a call by our church app administrator.

You will learn how to set up your app, how to start adding content and how to keep your audience engaged.

3. Google Play and iTunes Submission
3. Google Play and iTunes Submission

Once you’ve tested out the mobile app and you’re ready to purchase, you’ll have to move to a paid account. This is where we’ll submit your app.

We’ll need around 3-5 business days to prepare your app for submission. We’ll have to wait around 7-15 business days for iTunes and 1-3 days for Google Play approval.

Latest Church Apps made with Eventya

church app

Bonn Orthodox Parish’s Official Church App

Client: Bonn Orthodox Church
Android, Website

  • "The application aims to both facilitate communication between the parish and our believers, and find a solution to promoting cultural and spiritual national values in the German context. At a first glance, it all seemed easy, but reaching the form we wanted required a lot of patience and hard work. From my point of view, Eventya went above and beyond their contractual obligations and permanently showed professionalism. The recommendation proved to be a success! Good trees bear good fruit… same with Eventya. Thank you! "

    Priest Catalin Preda, Parish of Bonn-Germany

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