5 ways destinations attract tourists in this post-COVID recovery phase, using Eventya platform

Many of the tourist destinations in Romania and abroad are starting to reopen their doors for local and international tourists.

Following the removal of mobility restrictions, destinations are now hit by tourists’ reluctance to resume travel to where they were before.

However, some of Eventya’s customers have taken the first steps towards attracting local and international tourists. Here are some of the ideas they have implemented that you can use in your tourist destination during the recovery period:

1. VisitCovasna promotes the destination as #SafePlace for travel

The Visit Covasna team contributes to the relaunch of Covasna tourism through the Visit Covasna Safe Place campaign, which presents Covasna County as a destination that offers quality, experiences and safety.

This consists in granting the Safe Place certificate to those accommodation units that have introduced protection measures in order to practice tourism safely. These measures contribute to maintaining the health of staff, as well as to the safe wellcome of tourists. VisitCovasna continuously expands the list of SafePlace locations and promotes them in their mobile applications and on the website.

In order to increase the confidence of tourists, the team started a series of interviews with hotel and guesthouse owners about the extraordinary safety measures they are taking now.

The VisitCovasna logo has been creatively adapted for the #SafePlace campaign so that it can be used in Social Media campaigns as well.

2. Sibiu was included in the Top 20 Forbes.com “Summer In Europe: The 20 Safest Places For Travel And Tourism Post-Coronavirus”


Thanks to the measures it has taken over the last few years, Sibiu now has many green spaces, generous areas for pedestrian relaxation and is one of the cities in Europe with the best quality of life. Sibiu is dedicated to sustainable tourism based on respect for nature and people.

In Romania there were 15 times fewer cases of Covid-19 compared to the most affected countries in Europe. The list of the safest holiday destinations includes 20 regions in Europe. In these places – say the representatives of European Best Destinations – the cases of COVID-19 were few and the risk of illness is reduced.

Sibiu has reopened its museums and tourist information centers from June 1. It will be reopened more widely for tourists from July 1.

This title given by Forbes.com magazine has brought a wave of confidence for local or international tourists who want to visit it this year.

The Sibiu City App marketing team took advantage of this title awarded by Forbes and heavily promoted the article in mobile applications and on the website.

3. The city of Sibiu made a promotional video “Safe.Sibiu!”

Sibiu City Hall made this film that presents the concrete safety measures taken by HORECA and museums to protect tourists.

The video is still present on the first page of the official application of Sibiu City Hall: Sibiu City App but also on its Social Media channels.

4. Sibiu encourages local tourism through local picnics


Photo source: Asociația My Transylvania Facebook Page.

Because in this post-covid phase, people prefer to explore the surroundings, My Transylvania Association started to organize events close-by. People are willing to travel nearby, on 1-2 day trips – hiking or local picnics.

Cristian Cismaru, representative of the My Transylvania Association: “We divide the food islands into places where no more queues are formed and we limit the number of participants. The fact that we restrict ourselves to smaller groups, we offer a variant of stay individually, makes our destination safer.

The newest events organized by them are: Transylvanian Brunch – Hosman, Sibiu – 27.06.2020 and Picnic in Cindrel – Cisnădioara, Sibiu – 21.06.2020. The safety is given by the small number of participants and the fact that the activities are outdoors.

The Sibiu City App platform is already starting to feature mainly local events, intended rather for locals, along with online events that were present during the quarantine period. Many of them are promoted through Push Notification to their target audience, the inhabitants of the Sibiu area.

5. Visit Harghita has made a guide on how you can visit Harghita from your own home


To protect the health of tourists during the pandemic, Visit Harghita has prepared an online guide to visit their destination.

How can you visit Harghita online? An online visit to the Haáz Rezső Museum in Odorheiu Secuiesc but also to other museums, explore Salina Praid in 3D, listen the audio guide about the main tourist attractions in the official mobile application … and many ideas.

Harghita’s strategy: “Plan now and visit later!”

Photo Sources:

Photo by Asociația My Transilvania

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