Top Mobile App Development Trends in 2021 and Beyond
As the world is slowing down and preparing for the festive season, the end of the year presents a much-needed opportunity for reflection. In our report, we’ll be reflecting on some of the most promising mobile app development trends for...
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Building Stronger Communities Through Festival Apps
Festivals have the magical ability to connect people from around the world. But beyond the venue of the event, festival-goers need a steady platform to connect and build lasting relationships that’ll blossom into communities. Festival apps are emerging as the...
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Why Mobile Apps Have Higher Conversion Rates Than Websites
When Web 1.0 — the first iteration of the internet — was released to the public, back in 1993, static HTML pages dominated the world wide web. The first iteration of websites represented a one-way communication channel that was only...
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Launching Avrig City App: our first city app dedicated to small cities
Considering the social and economic realities of the past year, organizations, businesses, and entire towns are striving to recover. Moreso, cities around the world have started utilizing technology to improve their functioning, governance, and communication. Communication among town halls and...
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timisoara city
Timisoara City App – Romania’s Newest Smart City
We live in a technology-driven world and there’s no denying it. Businesses and organizations are turning towards digital solutions either to gain an edge over the competition or merely to improve their services and operating procedures. Yet, businesses aren’t the...
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Sibiu City App – The Power of Audio Guides in travel apps
For those of you who don’t know, Sibiu is a charming Transylvanian town with a rich cultural heritage. It is also one of the first Romanian towns to become a smart city - thanks to its smart city app. Since...
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