7 Top App Categories for 2022
We all use at least one mobile app in our everyday lives, whether we want to kill some time on our way to work, plan a trip, transfer money, or simply buy our next meal. If you are a business...
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salina turda mobile app
Salina Turda Mobile App — The World’s Most Spectacular Salt Mine Goes Digital
If you’ve never visited Turda Salt Mine before, then you’re missing out on the world’s most stunning natural underground formation, with its iconic amusement park, Spa & Wellness section, and the Durgău Salty Lakes. Now, visitors have another reason to...
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How Mobile Apps Are Boosting Winter Tourism
Winter is here and it brings with it one of the most beloved festive seasons. Christmas has the power to unite and attract tourists worldwide every year. Once December arrives the Christmas spirit is felt everywhere, making people want to...
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Attracting International Tourists with Mobile Apps – Best Practices
International tourism is badly wounded by the ongoing pandemic and tourist destinations are making huge efforts to recover from the effects of this global crisis. As our lives moved to the online, tourism shifted its focus on app development and...
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Top Mobile App Development Trends in 2021 and Beyond
As the world is slowing down and preparing for the festive season, the end of the year presents a much-needed opportunity for reflection. In our report, we’ll be reflecting on some of the most promising mobile app development trends for...
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app builder
What Distinguishes Eventya from Regular App Builders?
If you didn’t already know, no-code app builders are among the best alternatives to custom app development. They’re much quicker options, that help you create iOS & Android native apps at a fraction of the cost. But, the quality of...
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