Winesday App: the community app dedicated to wine lovers
Winesday App is the application dedicated to wine lovers, but also to those who want to find out more information about wineries and vineyards in Romania. The application is available for free in Romanian and English for iOS and Android. "It’s...
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How to Monetize Your Mobile App
You’ve finally created your mobile app and you are now prepared to take the next steps towards success. It’s only natural to want to make the best of your investment and start making some profit. A mobile app is the...
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Why Mobile Apps Have Higher Conversion Rates Than Websites
When Web 1.0 — the first iteration of the internet — was released to the public, back in 1993, static HTML pages dominated the world wide web. The first iteration of websites represented a one-way communication channel that was only...
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Launching Avrig City App: our first city app dedicated to small cities
Considering the social and economic realities of the past year, organizations, businesses, and entire towns are striving to recover. Moreso, cities around the world have started utilizing technology to improve their functioning, governance, and communication. Communication among town halls and...
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Community Apps: One Efficient Digital Communication Channel
A community app is potentially the most powerful communication channel for organizations worldwide. They offer your brand a distinguished communication channel, making sure your notifications don’t get lost in the flood of social media notifications. It also creates a sense...
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Eventya App Builder
10 Reasons to Choose Eventya as Your App Builder
With nearly a decade of expertise, Eventya offers a wide range of solutions for non-tech companies looking to engage their audiences through mobile apps and website platforms. The market-proven features combined with the real-world use cases of our mobile apps...
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Astra Museum App — All in one app for the largest ethnographic institution in Romania
About Despite being an ethnographic museum engaged in preserving historical value, Astra Museum is among Romania’s most future-oriented arts and entertainment organizations - continuously striving to stay on top of the most prominent tech trends in travel and tourism. Thus,...
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