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How Sibiu City Hall Managed to Improve The Quality of the Public Service Using a Smart City Platform

A Smart City Platform is about connectivity, collaboration and engagement.

Sibiu City Hall recognized the need for a better and smarter communication between city’s administrative departments, citizens and tourists. They decided to create the city’s first digital platform and one of its kind in the country using Eventya.

Launched in 2013, the platform Sibiu City App (iOS app, Android app and website) served as the city’s first Smart City Platform. It included information like: public transportation, parking, tourist attractions, events, accommodation, dining, news, free time, etc.

Problem: One Way Communication and Delayed Response on Behalf of Local Authorities

The platform was designed for a better communication between the city hall and the citizens of Sibiu. The news about the latest developments, power outages, closed roads as well as the events were the most popular sections.

The citizens are constantly notified about all that through push notifications. This is one of the main reasons citizens downloaded the app and regularly visited the website.

Cities are facing many issues that administrative departments cannot be aware of. The City Hall employees have to interact directly with the community and monitor what is happening in the city. They needed a better management of the city related issues and an improved response time. An efficient two-way communication.

Solution: New Incidents Reports Module Within Sibiu’s Official App

Aiming at increasing efficiency and improving the quality of the public service, Sibiu City Hall opted for the “Incident Report” module.

The module is designed to help the City Hall directly interact with the local community. They want to better monitor what is happening in the city and enhance the quality of their services.

Results: Increased Civic Responsibility

The City Hall gave the local community a digital platform enabling a faster communication. It helped citizens become more active, engaged as well as contribute to the well-being of their neighbourhood.

Citizens can now report city-related incidents. The City Hall gives them real-time feedback around the status of the incident they report.

Top Reported Incidents via Sibiu City App

The incident reporting process is effortless now

Citizens login into the app, pick the type of incident they wish to report, fill in the details and click send. No more visits to the City Hall, phone calls or written petitions. Users can login via Facebook or Google and validate their account using the OTP sent via SMS.

The platform allows citizens to upload photos, add locations and provide detailed information about each incident.

Effective public service delivery

Sibiu City App has the potential to improve the city hall’s efficiency and reduce costs. It helps the employees better categorize and prioritize incidents. As a result, they can resolve them faster and more efficient.

Each department can manage content and help monitor and solve incident reports they receive. Once they receive a report, the responsible department gets a notification and can get started. They can opt for an immediate intervention and assign specific employee to the task. Furthermore, they keep the citizens updated on the status of their report.

Sibiu City Hall opted to keep the communication channels with the citizens open. Consequently, they can request more information from them as well as provide feedback on the report.

All incidents reported via the platform are being monitored in real time. Big screens installed in each department’s office show the status of all incidents reported. This approach helped Sibiu City Hall improve their response time and bring it down to 12 minutes.

The platform allows city hall representative get an overview of how its employees are processing incidents. Even more, they can make a call on budget allocation for infrastructure modernization.

Smart City Platform growth

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