What are Push Notifications and What Do They Mean for Your Business?

Push notifications are one of the most important mobile app features that help you grow your business and enrich the communication with your users. They are a must-have tool for your marketing strategy that increases customer engagement and conversion rates.

Push notifications are short messages that pop up on a mobile user’s phone and deliver offers, relevant messages, or important information. They are used to encourage client retention, user engagement, and improve the overall user experience.

Push notifications are versatile app features that can be used by businesses in many ways. In this article, we’ll go through the most significant benefits of push notifications and what they can accomplish for your brand.

How Push Notifications Can Support Your Business

While some monetization strategies work better for free mobile applications, others are more suitable for paid apps. Regardless of your type of app, here is a mix of the best monetization strategies to boost your mobile app marketing.

1. Increase Customer Engagement 

Mobile push notifications are among the most efficient ways to boost customer engagement since they are delivered straight to the smartphone user. A study cited by Business Insider mentions that app users who enable push notifications, use the app 53% more each month than users who do not.

Push notifications help bring the users back to your app, which is vital since people will need more than one visit to your app to become loyal users. More engagement means higher conversion rates and increased traffic to your mobile apps, which eventually will grow your company.

2. Boost Your Social Media Following

You can redirect app users to your social media channels with the use of push notifications and entice users to return and engage even more. Push notifications are a win/win for brands and app users but you still need to provide value in order to stay relevant.

For instance, Snapchat uses push notifications in a very smart way by building user anticipation and making the conversation feel more real. Users will receive an alert saying that a friend “is typing” which keeps them on the screen waiting for the response.

3. Build Brand Reputation Through Valuable Content

The most important thing you need to keep in mind when implementing push notifications is keeping the message valuable and relevant. The message you deliver must have valid content because otherwise, the users will unsubscribe.

One thing that can help you build brand reputation is sending targeted messages— meaning that new users should receive different messages than existing ones. You can also use location to your advantage and deliver tailored messages to users based on their current location.

4. Personalized Messages to Increase Conversion Rates

Personalized messages will capture the user’s attention more successfully than generic ones and are a great strategy to increase brand loyalty and conversion rates. Personalization shows the users you take into consideration their needs and not just dump a cluster of push notifications on their social feed.

Abandoned cart recovery is just one use of personalized push notifications that will remind the user to go back to your app and finish their purchase. Since you have the users’ names, sending a message that speaks directly to them, will create a more personalized experience and boost your conversion rate.

5. Promoting Special Offers via Push Notifications

A powerful method to bring back users to your mobile app is the use of mobile push notifications to inform them about special and limited-time offers. This strategy works best with latent users because you’d want them back and engaged.

The more users you have the more successful your business will be and having latent users is no use for you. You can start a promotional push campaign that will run for a limited amount of time and target those who haven’t used your mobile apps in a long time.

Worst Practices to Avoid for Push Notifications

Push notifications are indeed a great method to increase customer engagement and grow your company but you need to tread carefully. If you annoy your app users with intrusive, irrelevant, and non-personalized mobile push notifications there’s a big chance you’ll lose your subscribers.

In order to maintain a healthy and fruitful relationship with your app users, you should spend some time creating the messages you want to send. Sending notifications for the sake of having them out there won’t do you any good, on the contrary, users might delete your app altogether.

Yet, if they are applied in the right way, push notifications are one of the most efficient mobile app features for user engagement and can increase mobile app retention rates up to 10 times. And with no-code app builders, your business can have a custom app without breaking the bank.

When it comes to app development, Eventya’s no-code app builder helps you develop custom apps to leverage the power of push notifications.

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