Community Apps Are Combating the Loneliness Epidemic — Here’s How

Mobile app usage is on the rise and there are over 6.3 billion smartphone users across the world that are contributing to its success. In this article you will find out how mobile apps are combating the loneliness epidemic.

Loneliness affects more and more people from different age groups and backgrounds leading to isolation, physical and mental health problems. As per Cigna’s report, loneliness increased by 13% since they started the survey in 2018.

Loneliness started to be considered an epidemic when an alarming number of people reported feelings of isolation and solitude. It was no longer considered a private matter but a public one and since it might cause serious health problems it can no longer be overlooked.

Technology is attempting to solve the loneliness epidemic — and mobile apps are among the best solutions. By harvesting the power of community apps you can create a virtual environment where people can make meaningful connections.

Solving the Loneliness Epidemic with Community Apps

1. Community apps can help students deal with isolation and loneliness

Young adults and especially foreign students experience loneliness when attending university in a new place. Yet, the effects of loneliness can be reduced with community apps that help students connect with other like-minded individuals.

The right community app could help new students adapt to their new campus, by creating a digital hub for newcomers. This would help foreign students adapt to their new surroundings and mitigate the effects of the initial culture shock.

Moreover, a community app can create a social network that could help students better navigate college life and feel less isolated throughout their education. Thus, mobile apps can lead to a more inclusive student body and reduce the feeling of isolation among newcomers.

2. Users can connect 24/7 from all parts of the world

A 2019 report from the World Health Organization mentions loneliness as the third most common social stressor in the world. This makes finding a comprehensive solution even more important.

A community app with online chat functions — which enables users to seamlessly connect from around the world — could represent a solution. Users could become part of a global community of like-minded individuals, making them able to share their thoughts and offer reciprocal support.

Feelings of isolation are more common during the night. Mobile apps can offer relief to those struggling with such feelings, as they are available 24/7. Users can reach their digital community anytime, anywhere, by simply using their smartphones.

3. Veterans are using community apps to combat loneliness

Veterans are fighting a constant war against loneliness, as recent studies indicate that loneliness is among their biggest contributors to depression, suicide, and physical health issues.

As veterans are more vulnerable to the threat of isolation, it is even more important for them to find a meaningful digital circle through the right mobile app.

Community apps in particular could be lifesavers for veterans, as they could offer support, understanding, and a sense of belonging without being out in public — which veterans struggling with loneliness often avoid.

Moreover, mobile apps give them access to an understanding community around the clock. Veterans should be looked after and an empathetic, mobile app-enabled digital community could be a paradigm shift for those struggling with social isolation.

4. Community apps create social opportunities for older adults

Loneliness in elderly people may be linked to an increased risk of dementia, in addition to the negative effects on overall well-being. As the majority of older adults live alone there’s a dire need for an accessible digital solution, like community mobile apps.

Elderly citizens are in special need of dedicated community apps, as many of them are physically limited. With a mobile app, meetings, coffee dates, and social interactions can all happen online, from the comfort of their homes. Moreso, these could help the elderly keep up with their loved ones via social sharing features.

Senior citizens could form meaningful connections through the right community app or simply find someone to share their interests with. While there is no substitute for in-person conversations, mobile apps are currently the best digital solution for those tied to their beds.

Community Apps to the Rescue

We are social beings and in order to thrive, we need social interactions. As the loneliness epidemic is on the rise, there’s a great need for building connections to avoid isolation. Community apps are an efficient solution to loneliness, as people all around the world can use them to stay in touch, share their struggles or simply grow their social network.

You can create an intuitive community app that can bring the elderly to one place, where they can find age-related news and events or just someone to talk to. Community apps could help students by providing them a platform where they receive psychological support, talk about their struggles, and interact with other lonely people.

Use your community app to bring people with similar interests to the same digital hub and encourage community engagement with the use of our interactive features. Having conversations can be overwhelming for some, but a mobile app with online chat features can help ease social anxiety and foster a sense of connection.

Eventya can help you create some of the best community apps by giving you all the cutting-edge features, at the fraction of the cost of regular mobile development. Start building your community app with our no-code app builder and offer a vibrant digital community to those in need.

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