mobile app building

Mobile app building – why not develop an app from scratch?

High price and long time

Sure you wanted to build your own app and you started talking to software companies. The answer is always about the same: it takes at least 15,000 $ to build native iOS and Android mobile apps.

Do you have this budget to validate your app idea?

It’s also very time consuming: writing the specifications for what you need, ask for various offers, wait for the programmers to do their job, come up with feedback for them, test the mobile apps on various iOS and Android devices, prepare the content, marketise the apps …

All these take at least 2-3 months to develop.

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For the same reason as WordPress, Shoppify or Magento exist

Most of the web/mobile apps share a common set of features. It’s just a total waste of money to reinvent the wheel if one on the market can already fit your idea and it doesn’t rip you off.

Where are your energy and resources going?

Are you willing to spend time with the development team to build your thing or do you wanna focus on marketing and sales?

Are you sure your idea will take of?

How much it will cost you to go back to your development team and change or pivot your idea?

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