Winesday App: the community app dedicated to wine lovers

Winesday App is the application dedicated to wine lovers, but also to those who want to find out more information about wineries and vineyards in Romania. The application is available for free in Romanian and English for iOS and Android.

  • "It’s no secret that after so many years in the tourism sector, when I decided to enter the world of wine in 2015, I wanted to find a way to combine my two hobbies and fields of work. As a result, I wanted to encourage people who are passionate about wine to learn about how it is made on the one hand, and to enjoy it with loved ones right where it is made, at the winery, but also at home, in a restaurant, or at a wine bar on the other. So, if you’re a travel and wine enthusiast, download the Winesday App and see what you can find. "



    Carmina Nițescu, Wine Adventurer at

Winesday App is an app that combines a love of wine with gastronomic experiences and visits to Romanian wineries

The app is a useful tool for discovering wine, both for wine specialists and enthusiasts, as well as for people who enjoy a good glass of wine with a full meal. Thus, those who now download the Winesday App can discover wineries in Romania, plan a visit or a wine tasting at a winery (either directly from the winery or through event organizers), choose a restaurant or a wine bar to go for a special wine meal or a meeting with friends, buy home wine from wine shops, or even learn new things at wine classes.

Winesday App, the place where wine lovers find everything they need

The app collects important information for those interested in this fascinating topic, such as wineries in Romania presented on a map by region, lodging units in or near wineries, restaurants with extensive wine lists around Romania, wine bars, wine shops, and wine event organizers (wine tastings, winery visits, wine fairs, wine classes). 100 businesses (wineries, winery lodging units in or near them, restaurants, wine bars, wine shops, wine event organizers) have already been added to the app, with the number expected to rise in the coming months.

Easy navigation through an intuitive menu on the Winesday App

The app has various easy-to-find areas that may be accessed immediately from the Homepage or the app menu. In the “About Wines” area, you may learn more on wine in general, in the “Wine Tales” section, you can read a series of articles about wine, and in the “Wine Subscriptions” section, you can see more subscription options available on the Romanian market. You can also find wineries from a certain region in this section, like as the “Wineries from Dealu Mare” section.

Winesday App successfully integrates the following Eventya Modules: Maps Module, Regions Module and Calendar Module

The Winesday App integrates Eventya Modules that allow wine connoisseurs to quickly access relevant information. The Maps feature allows you to find nearby places “with and about wine” in a matter of seconds. The Regions Module organizes and describes the country’s wine-growing regions, where users may find information about wineries, restaurants, and lodging in the wine-growing regions. The dedicated calendar lists tastings, festivals, courses, and other wine-related events.

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