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10 Reasons to Choose Eventya as Your App Builder

With nearly a decade of expertise, Eventya offers a wide range of solutions for non-tech companies looking to engage their audiences through mobile apps and website platforms.

The market-proven features combined with the real-world use cases of our mobile apps create a cutting-edge platform for non-tech organizations looking for the fastest and most cost-effective solution. All this, at the fraction of the time and money required for developing a regular mobile application.

If this sounds too good to be true, we don’t blame you. Apart from our versatile portfoliobelow are 10 strong reasons to build your next native app with Eventya’s app builder.

1. Industry Expertise

As one of the first dedicated app builders in Romania, Eventya was founded in 2013 with a simple premise — to help organizations engage a wider audience via digital communication.

As software development became increasingly expensive, companies worldwide have been struggling to create engaging websites and mobile apps that truly attract customers. Enter Eventya, a cost-efficient, intuitive app builder, designed to create interoperable websites and mobile apps, without any software development knowledge.

2. Complimentary Website

Yes, you’ve read that right! For every app developed on our platform, you get a free website, with no hidden charges. Here are some of the top features of our free, interoperable websites:

  • Mobile-friendly configured to display flawlessly across any screen and device;
  • Peak performance and fast loading time to improve your search engine ranking;
  • SEO-centric search engine indexation, guaranteed by the website’s HTML code;
  • Full support for SSL certificate registration, if you choose to connect a custom domain to your free website;
  • Optimized to display in consecutive layers and load the content progressively.

3. Marketing Consultancy Services

At Eventya, our clients’ success is our own success. Hence, we encourage our clients to think of us as partners, throughout the whole app creation process and beyond.

To make sure that every mobile app succeeds, we offer marketing and content creation consulting to kick off every project. We’ll help you plan and optimize your first content pieces to promote your mobile app and engage a wider audience for your organizations.

4. Feature-Rich App Builder

The core features and modules implemented in our app builder are designed to make our native apps engaging, easy to build, and highly functional. We’ll name a few.

  • Pages – our pre-designed pages enable you to tailor your app to your needs: multi-language feature, online ticketing systems, audio guides;
  • Events Calendar – Our dedicated Events Calendar streamlines event management and boosts attendance: centralized event agenda,  notify your audience, Increase ticket sales;
  • Interactive Map – Help users find attractions with the map’s nearby search function, Add points of interest (POI), Promote your main attractions with special tours.

We know that connecting with today’s overstimulated smartphone users is a challenge. Research suggests that the average person receives 63.5 notifications each day. Our vast array of pre-built modules will help you cut through the noise of the digital age and reconnect with your followers. A mobile app is the ultimate digital communication channel for your brand — highlighting your message in a flood of social media notifications.

5. App Building in 3 Easy Steps

When we say that it only takes 3 easy steps to develop your mobile app, we literally mean it. Here’s how easy it is to start building with the Eventya app builder:

Step 1: Request a Free Trial

All you need to do is fill out this quick form, to start your free trial with Eventya. Our team will contact you within 3 working days, and you’ll be set to start experimenting with our app builder — without any hidden fees.

Step 2: App Management Training

You can request a free app management training course with one of our consultants anytime during your 90-day trial. During our crash course, you’ll learn everything from how to set up your app for the most downloads, to content strategies that supercharge your engagement rates.

Step 3: Google Play and iTunes Submission

Once you’ve built your native mobile app to your satisfaction, you can move to a paid account before publishing it. This is when our team will design your complimentary website and prepare your app for submission. We will submit your app to Google Play and iTunes to make it downloadable in a matter of days.

6. 90-day Free Trial

We offer a free 90-day trial to anyone building on Eventya, to reassure you that our app builder is all you need to create your native app.

App development has become a costly endeavor. While the minimum cost of an app is around $10,000, statistics suggest that the median app development cost is around $171,450 for a single mobile application. In contrast, you can build an iOS and Android native app in a matter of days with our app builder, for a monthly subscription of $100.

Factoring in the exorbitant costs of regular app development, the choice is clear in terms of return on investment (ROI).

7. Guaranteed Maintenance

Apart from the exorbitant costs of regular app development, mobile apps need continuous maintenance and updates. This isn’t supported by regular app developers, resulting in an array of outdated mobile apps.

Eventya guarantees that your app is maintained up to date with the following measures:

  • Your app will be continuously updated with new features throughout your subscription;
  • Regular App Store and Google Play updates to all of our clients’ apps, including new elements to boost the number of downloads;
  • Full-fledged technical support for your organization and app users, throughout the lifetime of your app.

8. Award-Winning Mobile Apps

While each of our apps is built for excellence, here are some of the most awarded applications built with the Eventya app builder:

  • Bucharest Tourist Card & City App — 1st place for the “Special Projects” category at the eTravelAwards2018;
  • Piatra Neamț City App — Award for excellence at the “Politics and Strategies for Smart and Sustainable Communities” category at Smart Cities of Romania;
  • Visit Covasna App — 2nd place at the “Best Tourism Application” category at eTravelAwards2018;
  • Explore Romania App — 3rd place at the “Best Tourism Application” category at eTravelAwards2017

9. Industry-leading Features

By choosing our app builder, you can benefit from some of the most cutting-edge features of the app development industry.

Our pre-built modules have been time-tested by a versatile array of applications, having proven their utility from tourism and community apps to smart city apps and everything in between. Our most sought-out features include push notifications, GPS-enabled interactive maps, social sharing, and advertising-enabled monetization, just to name a few.

10. Dedicated Team to Support Your Organization

We’re a small and dedicated team united by a common goal — helping organizations navigate today’s digital landscape, by empowering them with modern mobile and web communication tools.


At the end of the day, the success of your app will be determined of the quality of your content and your strategy for acquiring new users and keeping them engaged. We handle all the technicalities, with market-proven insights from our existing customers.

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