Launching Avrig City App: our first city app dedicated to small cities

Considering the social and economic realities of the past year, organizations, businesses, and entire towns are striving to recover. Moreso, cities around the world have started utilizing technology to improve their functioning, governance, and communication.

Communication among town halls and citizens has been of especial importance, as the pandemic required instant and wide-reaching communication channels. Consequently, town halls are beginning to adopt mobile apps, as the most efficient digital communication channels available.

Smart city apps, in particular, provide an array of tools for instant and efficient communication. Their cutting-edge features can change the dynamics of entire cities, by improving the satisfaction of the citizens and attracting a larger share of the tourism revenue.

Avrig City App — Avrig’s smart city app for citizens and tourists alike

Avrig town hall is constantly striving to improve the lives of its citizens, hence deciding to launch Avrig City App — Avrig’s smart city app for citizens and tourists alike.

Powered by Eventya’s no-code app builder, the smart city app is set to improve the small town of Avrig, by becoming an exhaustive resource of information and digital communication channel. Curious to see how the smart city app is fostering this paradigm shift? We’ll break it down below.

What makes Avrig City App special?

Avrig City App is the first mobile app dedicated to the citizens and visitors of Avrig — a delightful town with a population of less than 15,000, located at the foot of the Fagaras Mountains.

Being such a small and secluded town, Avrig is often overlooked by tourists and travel enthusiasts, as it is more removed from Romania’s most mainstream destinations. Avrig City App aims to change this, by giving the breathtaking landscapes and mountains around Avrig more exposure. As custom mobile apps are among the best ways to attract tourists, the smart city app will likely bring more interest to the region.

Engaging content for tourists

The mobile app also offers a digital tour guide for first-time visitors, with details on the best restaurants, accommodation, activities, and tourist destinations. To improve navigation, the app implements a GPS-enabled interactive map. Tourists can use the map’s nearby search feature to find the points of interest that are the closest to their location.

Taking in-app content one step further, Avrig town hall collaborated with Valea Avrigului Association to compile the most engaging content for tourists, in hopes of attracting further interest. Media content was also paramount, therefore most in-app photos were sourced from professional photographers.

Improves the lives of the citizens

Yet, the smart city app wasn’t just designed to attract tourists, but primarily to improve the lives of the citizens. One of the town hall’s most notable initiatives was implementing a questionnaire that evaluates the satisfaction level of the citizens, directly in the mobile app. The 14-page questionnaire will offer unprecedented data and insights into the lives of Avrig’s citizens — enabling the town hall to address the biggest administrative concerns.

While designing the app, the town hall heavily emphasized improving the communication with its citizens, knowing that mobile apps are among the best digital communication channels. One of the core communication-centric features is real-time incident reporting, available for app users. Citizens can report social, environmental, or traffic-related incidents, instantly alerting the town hall and the rest of the community. This also results in a quicker administrative response for every reported issue.

Incidents are disseminated to the entire community through instant push notifications. The town hall also leverages the smart city app’s notifications to communicate the most important news and information to citizens — making it a must-have feature during the global pandemic.

Download Avrig City App — available for IOS & Android

Custom apps can be tailored to any organization’s requirements

On the 14th of September, 2021, Avrig town hall held a career expo, in an effort to improve unemployment rates and overall societal satisfaction. With 9 large companies joining the expo, the smart city app played an important role in marketing the expo and attracting the unemployed.

It is becoming clear to town halls, mayors, and political leaders around the world that smart city apps provide the unparalleled digital infrastructure that connects entire cities. The above-mentioned only provide a narrow perspective on the potential use cases of mobile apps. Given their cutting-edge programmability, custom apps can be tailored to any organization’s requirements.

With Eventya’s no-code app builder, you can easily deploy your own app in a matter of days, at a small fraction of the cost.

It only takes 3 quick steps to request a free trial and become the newest smart city in your region. You’ll unlock unprecedented insights about your community, streamline your communication, and unlock new avenues of tourism — all with a smart city app.

Credit photos: Ionel Spiridon (Twins Pixel)

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