Why Mobile Apps Have Higher Conversion Rates Than Websites

When Web 1.0 — the first iteration of the internet — was released to the public, back in 1993, static HTML pages dominated the world wide web. The first iteration of websites represented a one-way communication channel that was only able to display information.

Then came Web 2.0, also known as the Social Web, marking the first time users could interact with websites via server-side processing. The introduction of more dynamic websites led to the dawn of social media as we know it today.

Now, as we’re on the verge of Web 3.0, or the Semantic Web, users are yearning for more interoperability and digital interaction possibilities — some of the driving factors of high conversion rate.

Enter mobile apps, the most interactive digital channels, that incentivize users to spend more time engaging, while converting them into loyal brand followers. Custom apps have a unique way of advancing customer relationships through the marketing funnel, from the awareness to the purchase stage.

Mobile apps are becoming the go-to marketing tool for world-leading brands like Adidas, HBO, and Starbucks, as they recognize their superior conversion potential over websites. Below we’ll explore the reasons behind their efficiency.

5 Reasons to Choose Mobile Apps Over Websites

1. Mobile apps offer users a reason to engage

Data by App Annie reflects that smartphone users spend 7x more time in native apps than in browsers.

Why? Because they give users a reason to engage, by offering more interaction possibilities than a plain website. The attention of today’s users must be earned. Native apps offer the most engaging and programmable features to do so.

2. Mobile apps drive higher conversions

According to data by Criteo, smartphone users view 4.2x more products per session with mobile apps, compared to mobile sites. This results in a 3x higher conversion rate for apps in comparison with mobile sites, and 1.5x more than desktop sites.

The statistics clearly indicate that mobile apps are the most efficient marketing tools to boost your conversion rate. The features that enable brand interactions create stronger brand loyalty with your customers, which in turn drive conversion rates higher.

3. People spend more time in apps

Research shows that 88% of the online time of smartphone users is allocated to mobile apps, with just 12% remaining for mobile websites.

Meeting your users where they are is crucial to getting your brand noticed. And today’s smartphone users prefer apps due to their personalizable features, which gives people a reason to engage and to revisit your custom app.

4. Mobile apps offer instant notifications

Email was the main marketing channel for brands 10 years ago. But as some companies abused it, mailboxes filled with spam have driven conversion rates low. Today’s internet users became unresponsive.

On the other hand, Mobile apps offer push notifications, that allow brands to communicate with their customers less intrusively. Instant push notifications can easily reach your audience anytime, anywhere.

5. Custom apps drive brand loyalty via personalization

Websites offer the same generalized content to all users, regardless of who is visiting. In turn, this makes web content less relevant to a large part of the audience.

Mobile apps allow users to set their preferences which tailors their individual experience. This degree of personalization advances customer relationships, which increases the brand loyalty of your audience.

How Eventya Can Give You Both

Mobile apps have clearly proven to be a superior marketing and communication tool for brands and organizations, compared to websites. But this isn’t to say that one has to exclude the other.

Brands can synergistically benefit from both native apps and custom-built websites. The latter are useful assets to attract and connect with desktop users. Moreover, having a website can help generate more downloads to your native mobile app.

With Eventya’s app builder, you don’t have to choose between the two. Every app created with our easily usable platform will get a free website custom-made by our developers.

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