Community Apps: One Efficient Digital Communication Channel

A community app is potentially the most powerful communication channel for organizations worldwide.

They offer your brand a distinguished communication channel, making sure your notifications don’t get lost in the flood of social media notifications. It also creates a sense of exclusivity, especially for your most loyal followers.

No wonder that industry giants like Adidas and Target are leveraging mobile apps to grow their communities.

Doesn’t sound convincing? Here are 5 more reasons your brand should create a high-end, cost-efficient community app with our no-code app builder.

5 Reasons to Create Community Apps

1. The most effective digital communication channel

Community apps are the most efficient communication channel for the digital age. No wonder that governments are also using mobile apps to connect with their communities.

The primary reason is that it gives your brand a distinct communication channel. Consider that the typical smartphone user receives an average of 63.5 notifications per day. If your brand is one of those social media notifications, it will likely get lost.

A custom mobile app will distinguish your push notifications with a unique logo and style in the feed. Your audience will also get used to receiving all your messages from one central digital channel. As a result, the open rate of your push notifications will increase, creating a more engaged community.

2. Reach your audience anytime, anywhere

Push notifications enable you to instantly connect with your audience, anytime anywhere.

Since smartphones have become such an incremental part of our daily lives, your users will always have them in their pockets. All it takes for your brand is to send an instant push notification to connect with your audience, wherever they are.

3. A proven way to boost your user engagement

A native mobile app is the best way to supercharge the engagement rates within your digital community.

Community apps enable your users to interact with your brand and each other in many ways — especially with the Eventya app builder’s social sharing features. Instead of a static website, your community will have an interactive hub, where they are incentivized to spend time and engage with your brand.

As a bonus, you can create exclusive content and loyalty programs for your most active users — creating a sense of exclusivity for your community.

4. Unparalleled analytics and insights

A custom mobile app can enable you to truly understand your audience, by giving you access to high-level user analytics.

User analytics are a scarce asset in today’s digital world. The only issue is that most of them belong to social media giants, in case you’re running a Facebook page. With a custom mobile app, you’ll have cutting-edge analytic tools that extract this data for you.

You’ll know when your users are the most active, the type of content that gains the most traction, and the best time to disseminate push notifications. This will help you better serve your community, resulting in a stronger relationship with your brand.

5. Own your community

Your brand might already have an active Facebook group, but it’s nowhere near as efficient as a dedicated community app.

One of the main disadvantages of a Facebook group is that you don’t own it. If the algorithms suddenly deem your content as ‘inappropriate’, your group may be banned or deleted — resulting in years of hard work going down the drain. Your community will be lost together with all your precious content.

Not to mention the increasing instances of social media platforms crashing. Recently, Facebook, Instagram, and, WhatsApp were down for over 7 hours due to an internal error, making users unable to use the platforms. Another reason not to entrust your community with these social media giants.

With a community app, your brand sets the rules. You don’t risk getting de-platformed and losing your hard-earned audience. Moreover, content moderation is up to your brand, which ultimately results in higher quality user interactions.

Examples of Successful Community Apps

We don’t usually toot our own horn, but Eventya is likely the best app builder for your community app. Our team’s dedication to creating vibrant communities in a divided world filled with separation and uncertainty is what drives our initiatives. But don’t take our word for it, our proven track record speaks for itself. Below are some of our most successful community apps:

ePește l@ Brăila — Fishing community app for sports fishing enthusiasts

Fishing groups are some of the best fits for community apps. These enable them to set up custom events, onboard new fishing enthusiasts, and share their most notable catches within the app.

Features like ‘nearby search’ on the interactive map help fishermen easily find the closest lakes, while the news section will inform them about all there is to know about the sport.

“Grab your guitar” – A community mobile app for Romanian guitarists

The app offers guitarists information on dedicated events and provides them with resources to learn guitar.

“Pune Mâna pe Chitară / Grab your Guitar“ is a socio-cultural program of non-formal education for children and young people, that aims to engage them in extracurricular musical activities.

Unde mergem — An interactive tourism app uniting tourists and travel enthusiasts

Strictly speaking, Unde Mergem is a tourism app that functions as a community app uniting tourists and travel enthusiasts, developed by Smart Medianet using the Eventya app builder platform.

Yet, the app isn’t just a list of generic recommendations, but an interactive hub with thoroughly researched destinations. From accommodation to restaurants and breathtaking experiences, this tourism app has all you need to travel the country. Moreover, the user reviews are the most genuine social proof for places worth visiting.

While these are only some of our most popular app examples, any community can benefit from the advantages of community apps. Here are some of the best-suited ones:

  • Biker and cyclist communities
  • Churches and other religious organizations
  • Sports organizations
  • Institutions
  • Content creator and artist communities

The list could go on and on since any group, brand, or organization can benefit from a robust community app. Because what makes a community truly unique is a place they can call their own.

In today’s tech-savvy society, the best community hub isn’t somewhere in the city center, but somewhere in the online metaverse. While social media groups may act as placeholders, nothing can compete with the community-building features of mobile apps.

All it takes is 3 easy steps for your brand to benefit from the network effects of a community app. Simply request a free trial to our intuitive app builder and your custom app will grow your community in no time.

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