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Astra Museum App — All in one app for the largest ethnographic institution in Romania


Despite being an ethnographic museum engaged in preserving historical value, Astra Museum is among Romania’s most future-oriented arts and entertainment organizations – continuously striving to stay on top of the most prominent tech trends in travel and tourism.

Thus, at the beginning of February, the museum launched its custom mobile app, Astra Museum App, powered by Eventya’s high-end app builder platform. The native app was developed both for android and iOS.

Astra Museum’s visitors have been engaging with the mobile app ever since, using it to seamlessly participate in activities, and competitions, as well as discover new cultural thematic routes around Lake Dumbrava.

But, while visitors are delighted by their new digital user experience, how is Astra Museum benefiting from its dedicated mobile app? Our article explores how the museum improved its internal processes and event organization using the app, and how IT assets can boost any organization.

How a Custom App Streamlined Astra Museum’s Operations

One of the biggest challenges of arts and entertainment organizations is customer engagement, due to increasing digital distractions. This is why most businesses in the travel and tourism sector are investing in iOS and Android development, to be able to compete for their audience’s attention.

Mobile apps are currently among the most proven ways of communicating with your audience and keeping them updated about upcoming events. Why? Because it reaches people where they’re spending their time – on their smartphones.

Astra Museum has also been using its app as a digital communication channel, seamlessly notifying its audience about last-minute updates, events, and other topical matters. And that’s not all. Below are 4 more ways the app is streamlining the museum’s internal processes.

1. Using the interactive map to find points of interest (POIs)

The month of May brought along Europe Day, and Astra Museum celebrated by creating multiple thematic tours, as well as a scavenger hunt, dedicated to Sibiu’s multiethnic diversity. Participants of all ages have been using the mobile app’s interactive map to navigate through these thematic tours and find the clues for the scavenger hunt.

Having an in-app map with GPS coordinates, enabled the museum to easily configure the routes, place the clues for the hunt and share a digital map with the participants – without having to waste their resources on printed instructions and materials.

Moreover, the app proved to be a great marketing asset, creating more interest and participation for the event.

2. Profile groups and audio guide for thematic tours

Besides the map, the mobile app’s profile groups feature and audio guide helped enrich the visitor experience on Europe Day. The features helped create another cultural thematic tour, dedicated to ethnic minorities.

Within the tour, profile groups were created for the museum’s minority households, to make them easily identifiable as objectives on the map. Furthermore, the audio guide enabled visitors to find out all about the background of the households.

3. Weather alerts via push notifications

The month of June brought the long-awaited ‘Toy Fair’, with creative workshops, raffles, and other exciting events.

Astra Museum’s mobile app helped centralize their information sharing – by including all the event-related details in one place and making the sign-up process much easier.

However, the mobile app proved invaluable when the events were subject to last-minute changes, due to unfavorable weather conditions. Astra Museum was able to instantly alert everyone about the weather and the consequent program changes via push notifications.

4. Online ticketing system for a frictionless experience

To adapt to the ever-growing customer demands, Astra Museum incorporated an online ticketing system in their mobile app. This enables visitors to purchase tickets and memberships online within the museum app.

Enabling users to purchase tickets from the comfort of their smartphone can be a gamechanger for any organization, looking to boost its sales revenue, without a significant prior investment.

Muzeul Astra App — A Swiss Army Knife for Digital Communication

Beyond the above-listed benefits, Astra Museum’s custom mobile app has much more to offer to both the staff and their visitors. For one, it is a centralized information hub, where visitors can find details about the museum, how to get there, a list of services, and even a set of recommendations for the pandemic.

The team at Astra Museum continues to astonish us with their creativity in leveraging their custom app to help streamline internal operations, creating new activities, and organizing events for their audience.

One thing’s for certain – the mobile app is the ultimate marketing and communication tool in the competent hands of Astra Museum, with more exciting updates on the horizon.

Discover one of Europe’s greatest open-air museums, by downloading the Android or iOS application.

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