Must-Have Features for Mobile Apps in 2022

In 2021 alone there were a total of 218 billion mobile app downloads, making mobile applications one of the most commonly used software in our day-to-day lives.

When it comes to mobile app features for 2022, the focus is on increasing engagement in a world where people have shorter attention spans and privacy is most valued. A mobile app’s features can make the difference between an intuitive app or an obsolete one.

At Eventya, we strive to bring forth some of the most important mobile app features in our no-code app development platform — which are the key to success when it comes to mobile app design. Below are the most sought-out features we’ve identified for 2022.

Must-Have Mobile App Features for 2022

Targeted Push Notification

Targeted push notifications are among the most efficient features to re-engage users. These can send instant notifications directly to people’s smartphones, reaching them regardless of their time and location. Notifications can be anything from highly personalized messages to news alerts, depending on your audience.

Push notifications can boost app engagement by 88% when done moderately and unintrusively. You can keep it interesting by providing real-time updates and relevant notifications that will capture the user’s attention.

Another great thing about push notifications is that they can increase your overall visitors — which is a useful tool when you start monetizing your mobile app.

Data Collection Opt-Out

Data security and privacy should always come first and giving the user the possibility to opt-out of data collection is crucial. This is one of those mobile app features that ensures transparency, helping users in deciding which apps they’ll trust and continue using.

Technology might have many advantages but when it comes to privacy, people are cautious regarding their data collection. You must let users know what you’re doing with their personal information in a transparent manner.

The data collection opt-out feature plays an important role in securing long-term users by offering them more control over their private data.

User-friendly interface, easy to use, navigate

A successful feature that mobile apps need to have in 2022 is simplicity and a user-friendly interface. People tend to lose interest the moment the mobile app is difficult to navigate or if they can’t easily find the information they needed.

Scientists estimate that people have a shorter attention span than a goldfish, and it keeps shrinking as technology rises. Now you see why an easy-to-use mobile app can make a difference for the everyday app user.

When you offer an uncluttered display, straightforward navigation, and a simple mobile app design, the user won’t feel the need to look for an app in another place. Simplicity in a mobile app can improve the customer experience, which translates into more loyal users.

Integrating AI or ML for data analytics

To put it simply, Artificial Intelligence (AI) imitates human intelligence and can analyze data quicker than a person. Mobile apps empowered by AI analytics provide a better understanding of user behavior.

AI is one of the most prominent trends in app development in 2022 and it’s increasingly more present in our daily lives. Machine learning (ML) can also analyze user patterns and enhance your understanding of your audience.

A successful example of integrating AI for data analytics is Netflix, which uses it to track and gather data from its users. In this way, mobile app users get recommendations without having to look for them, which is a great plus for today’s busy population.

Social Media Integration

Social media integration enables users to easily share app content on social networks which will help you grow your social media presence. There is no secret that social media brings people together in a place where they can chat, shop or share content.

You need to use social media to your advantage as it’s a great tool to spread information about your mobile app, increasing usage and brand awareness. And the best part is, it’s one of the most cost-efficient awareness strategies.

Your mobile app can benefit greatly from social media integration by getting it across to the right audience all over the globe. The key is to come up with fun and unique ways to promote your mobile app on social media, resulting in a higher conversion rate and increased app demand.

Why looking at future trends is essential

The features of a mobile app determine its success and utility. And with a user-friendly, straightforward mobile app design, you lay your path to a successful 2022. Keep in mind that people nowadays are less and less focused and they’re looking for simplicity in a mobile app.

The must-have features for mobile apps in 2022 are focused on improving user experience, increasing engagement, and attracting more users. With a no-code app builder, you can easily create your own mobile app that meets today’s recommended features.

Eventya makes no-code app development possible by offering you the means to create mobile apps suited for 2022, at an affordable price. Simplicity is what we’re after and our intuitive app builder delivers just that.

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