How to promote your destination

How to promote your destination’s uniqueness and attract visitors

What makes your destination unique?

Could it be the local market offering freshly picked fruits every morning? Or a breathtaking waterfall? And how can visitors get to feel the local vibe and enjoy the small & unique experiences? They might turn into the adventure of their lives.

It’s the unique attractions and hidden gems that make your destination worth visiting. According to the Good Life Study, 85% of people are looking for authentic experiences.

70% of people think that trips where they get new experiences are more important than those where they see all the sights. They are looking for an immersive experience and cultural connections. They want to:

  • visit the local markets
  • interact with skilled artisans or dine at family-owned restaurants
  • get to meet locals and experience life through their lens

Almost two thirds of travellers (60 percent) value experiences higher than material possessions. They are eager to try different and authentic experiences. From where they sleep and dine to what they visit. The focus will be on comfort and happiness rather than materialistic opportunities.

How can you offer visitors a personalized travel experience within your destination?

It’s all about genuine storytelling and choosing the right digital communication channels.

Here are three steps you can follow to help promote your destination’s uniqueness:

1. Pinpoint and showcase unique attractions within your destination

People who engage in different tourist activities are the best to give insights into the top attractions of your destination. Partnerships are key.

Collaborate with tourism experts, events organizers, hospitality service providers, local guides and photographers. Try to locate hidden gems and interesting points of interests within your destination.

Get them to contribute with exclusive insights and useful information. They can help visitors experience your destination in a unique way.

See how Harghita City Council managed to promote its destination by bringing legends to life with the help of the local community.

2. Be proactive

You need to start creating fresh and engaging content around top attraction from your destination. Share articles, photos, videos and tips on how to enhance their travelling experience.

Tip: get your collaborators to share their own unique content on your digital platforms.

3. Embrace technology

It’s important to find the right digital channels to help you promote it and engage your visitors. Start by creating your own digital guide to promote your destination.

What makes a great digital guide?

A digital guide should help travellers seamlessly plan their holiday. Whether it’s planning an itinerary, finding a local restaurant or searching for a museum nearby. Try to make the best of their time spent within your destination.

A digital guide should also be able to help visitors feel and experience life as a local. Articles shared by locals help visitors find and experience unique activities. Also, audio guides in multiple languages, help you experience life as a local.

Create your own Travel App

Interested in building mobile apps for your destination?

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