Make the most of this crisis if you are a philharmonic promoter

Most probably, this is the first time you encounter such a situation (and hopefully also the last). In most countries, all gatherings have been banned or reduced. Everybody working in the event industry is having a hard-time due to the COVID-19 epidemic. As a philharmonic promoter, even though it is impossible for you to go about your usual activities at the moment, you can still use this ”free-time” you have at hand in a useful and productive manner. This way, when all of this will be over, you will have a wider perspective and would have completed a few of the task you used to postpone or procrastinate about, in the past.

We’ve listed below a few specific ideas of things you can (and should) do right now, with the help of your web-site and mobile app. All these ideas were already implemented by one of our customers, the Sibiu Philharmonic, with great success. The Eventya platform offers a highly cost-effective solution for you to show-off your work and enhance communication with your audience, during these challenging times.


1. Plan your next semester activity, now


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Just like you, most event organisers have no idea when they will start producing their shows again. This doesn’t mean you can’t start planning, for a long time ahead. You can already start thinking about the concerts and events you can produce in the second part of 2020. Or even start planning the whole 2021 season, that is due to start this fall! Some dates may change and some shows might be postponed. Your audience will sure be sympathetic if that happens, so don’t worry. But it sure will be helpful for you to have all the graphic and promotional materials already produced by the time this happens. So start designing your posters, leaflets, programmes and everything else you currently use for promotion.

Once you have a calendar and all the graphic materials in place, you can use them to upload events on your website and mobile app, in the events calendar section. And start promoting them, of course. Even though these events might seem like a long time ahead, your audience will be grateful. We all need signs that there is a moment in time when everything will get back to normal.


2. Show gratitude and appreciation to your team


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Maybe you never had the proper time to assess this, but now you should. Bring forward the most important asset of every team: its people. Forget about impersonal and stiff bios, that look like a dusted CV. Take your time and write heartfelt descriptions and stories about each member of your orchestra and even your administrative staff. Help your audience meet the people behind all the beautiful concerts you usually stage. Both your team and your audience will be delighted. They will see it as a gesture of solidarity and appreciation for their hard-work.

Since you don’t have any shows to promote at the time-being, you can highlight the “Team” section from your app on the app’s homepage. Each team-member profile can then be used as a piece of content of its own, on social media.


3. Tell your story


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We’re sure your philharmonic has an interesting and exciting history. Add them all in the “History” section of your app: great personalities, the history of your building, the meaning and purpose of your activity during history or during recent times. Just like we mentioned before, make this content lively and exciting and stay away from boring facts.

Use photos, videos and fresh graphics. Our website and app interface make it easy for you to integrate these elements easily and create lively content. We provide the scores and the instruments, it’s your job to turn them into a charming melody :).


4. Go through your archive


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We know you have gathered a lot of photos and videos of your shows over the years. Take advantage of the extra-time you have at hand and go through your philharmonic archive. You can set-up online streams of past concerts or you can refresh the photos you have in different sections of your website or app.

Because streaming online events is such a common practice these days, don’t forget to make use of your app’s calendar. Publish the events as normal events (but make it clear in the description they are not physical events). Your users will be notified each time you post something new and they will know you are active.


5. Educate and comfort your audience


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Nobody knows more about it than you, so take this chance to use your knowledge and talent to educate. Write editorials and articles on music theory, famous musicians and composers or even about each instrument or family of instruments in the orchestra. If you have the right gear to produce video or animations, do that too. Involve your fellow musicians in this process, you might be surprised by their enthusiasm and story-teller skills.

Use these pieces of content on your website and in your app, and then distribute them through your social-media channels. They will be a real help for parents trying to keep their kids at home entertained. Adults can learn new things too, and your audience is surely music savvy. As an added bonus, your app will constantly have fresh, dynamic content on its home-page because of this.


6. Extra-tip: Give all your social media channels a refresh

To properly take advantage of all the content ideas we’ve highlighted above, make sure you give all your philharmonic social-media channels a proper face-lift. Apart from being more active than usual, go through all your channels’ settings and “About” sections and make sure that all info is up-to-date, update your descriptions and contact information and freshen up the graphic and profile photos where possible.

This time of crisis will eventually end. But it will definitely have an impact on the world, as we used to know it. Keep your online promotion tools (app, website and social-media channels) in great shape during these hard times to give comfort to your audience and to keep yourself and your work relevant in their daily lives. And, last but not least, grow your philharmonic audience now and take advantage of this when you will start selling tickets again.

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Work hard and stay safe!


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