Eventya launched it’s first ticketing app – Tickety.es

Tickety Spain decided to build their ticketing app using Eventya Platform. It took a few days to implement the project on our platform, versus a few months it they built it from scratch.

TICKETY.ES is a well known ticket selling website in Spain, Europe. They decided to Go Mobile
and offer their users a handy tool to not miss out on any future event.

TICKETY.ES is a platform that facilitate the organisation and participation in various types of events. The Platform offers people a simple way to buy tickets to their favourite concerts and to event organizers, a useful tool to sell tickets for their events.

Why Go Mobile?

Buying tickets to your favourite events has never been easier. Purchasing tickets on the go is very easy, and when you’re using a ticketing app to get those tickets, you will even save yourself precious time.

What can these users do with the Ticketing Mobile Apps?

  • Find popular events in the Events Agenda menu: concerts, theatre plays, fiestas, festivals and more.
  • Through the mobile apps and website, you can filter the events and buy tickets to your favourite shows from: concerts, theatre plays, movie festivals, fiestas, music festivals (like Phe Festival) and much more events.
  • Buy tickets faster on your phone and secure your spot at your favourite event.
  • Save lists of your favourite events and share them with your friends

Do you own a ticket selling website and want your own mobile app?

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Photo by Krists Luhaers on Unsplash

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