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04 February, 2021


ASTRA National Museum Complex



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“Muzeul Astra App” – Astra Museum’s Custom Mobile App

For the past century, Astra Museum has been striving to connect its audience to their root traditional values. To fulfill their mission, they had to continually adapt to society’s ever-changing requirements.

Consequently, Astra reached out to us, to help them offer a creative digital experience to their visitors.

As a result, we’re proud to announce the launch of “Muzeul Astra App” – Astra Museum’s custom mobile app.

The app contains all the necessary visitor information, an event calendar, a virtual tour, and other such high-end features.

Astra’s museum app aims to preserve traditional values, by offering a better visitor experience, improved museum accessibility, and be a valuable digital resource.

What can you do with the app?

Audio Guide to Inform and Entertain

Astra Museum’s mobile app is among our first apps to successfully implement the audio guide feature. This feature enriches the visitor experience, by offering a guided tour to each visitor, from within their smartphones.

This covers all the fundamental information about the architecture and history of the main attractions. It proved to be one of the most important assets during the pandemic when large guided tours were impossible.

To top it all off, the mobile app offers an accompanying photo gallery to the main sights, as well as a rating and feedback feature.

Nearby Search Feature to Improve Navigability

The mobile app’s nearby search feature offers an interactive map to improve the museum’s navigability.

Use the special filters and find what you’re interested in, from thematic tours to restaurants.

Event Calendar to Keep Visitors Updated

The mobile app’s event calendar contains all the museum’s upcoming events on a single, centralized platform.

It serves to boost event participation and make event management seamless.

Online Ticket Information

From tickets and pricing, to transport, the mobile app has all the information you need to plan your visit.

Moreover, Astra Museum plans to shortly launch online ticket sales within their custom mobile app.

In-App Virtual Tour

Astra Museum’s custom mobile app offers an immersive visual experience of the museum’s breathtaking grounds.

The 3D virtual tour serves as an online reference for new visitors, and an additional way to preserve the museum’s rich historical heritage.

Mirela Iancu – director of Cultural Marketing, ASTRA Museum

ASTRA Museum is a place for sharing passion and discovering quality experiences, a place where people can learn from the past, share their passion for folk art or learn about old skills and find new ways to re-use them for the future. Living in a highly technological world it’s an asset for ASTRA Museum, not a threat. This app is a tool for efficient communication as well as a personal assistant to each visitor that wants to get deeper access to the stories embedded in our collections.

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