Pune mâna pe chitară, the First Content Creators Mobile App from Eventya

Through its actions, the Play Cultural Association supports more than 9,000 children and 18,000 parents from Sibiu every year, via their cultural and artistic education projects and programmes. We were happy to hear they decided to extend their projects online, by using our platform. They thus became the first content creators to use an Eventya app to share guitar classes for children, as well as many other news in their community to a warm audience, with high engagement.

Sharing classes/tutorials through the app

Since the app distributes video content via YouTube, the views in the app help raise the YouTube analytics figures. This way, the app becomes a dissemination channel that contributes to the content creators’ presence on the platform, while also making it possible for their channel to become more visible.

Festival App: Sibiu Guitar Meeting

Every year, Play Cultural Association organizes Sibiu Guitar Meeting, through which over 400 guitar players all around the country take part in a Manifesto-Concert, singing 15 wellknown folk and rock songs in front of thousands of spectators.

Many of these players are children and teenagers, who train for several weeks for this event, by using the tutorials made available by the organizers. This wonderful community now has all the necessary resources to be part of the event straight from the app, from the registration form to tablatures and last-minute news posted by the organizers.

Grab Your Guitar – a community of guitar players of all ages

More than Sibiu Guitar Meeting, which is the peak of this programme, Grab Your Guitar (“Pune mâna pe chitară”) is actually a broad programme aimed at developing and keeping together a countrywide community of guitarists.

Thanks to the app, community members can now access all relevant information: guitar circles and camps, meetings with their favourite artists or other related events happening during the year. The app allows the organizers to send push notifications when they want to convey certain messages to their community.

As this is a warm, passionate community directly interested in novelty in the field, the chances to draw their attention through these message are rather high.

To all guitar-players, young and old, we wish the best of luck! We can’t wait to see how the Play Cultural Association makes use of our platform’s functionalities to further promote their events and content!

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