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Mobile App marketing tips for this year’s holiday season

Winter season is the time when most people get to unwrap their presents to find a a brand new mobile device. They’ll check out its camera, snap a quick selfie and install their favourite apps. If this happens before or during their holiday, it’s even better.

Isn’t this a good enough moment to make sure your app gets the attention it deserves? Here are some ways to get your app in front of more people this holiday season:

mobile app marketing

Market your app in App Store and Google Play

mobile app marketing

According to the Google report “How people discover, use, and stay engaged with apps”, 50% of the people said they discover apps while browsing on their phone’s app store. Make sure you use an attention-grabbing icon, as many photos and videos showcasing the content and main benefits of your app. Also, write a short and engaging description of the top features of your app in both App Store and Google Play.

Incorporate festive attributes for an up to 47% conversion increase! But remember to keep your brand identity unchanged. Update your app’s screenshots to highlight your holiday offers and recommendations. This will entice users to download the app to find out more.

Remember to update your app in Stores with high-volume keywords and holiday-related words! This will increase your downloads and user engagement.

New collaborations

How fantastic would it be if someone else contributed with fresh content for your app? Well, it’s possible. Engage local partners and guest bloggers to write relevant content for your app.

Allow them to share winter experiences, things to do, tips and recommendations. Create partnerships with bloggers and influencers to help you carry your message.

Offers and discounts

The holiday season is the perfect time to introduce new offers to your app’s visitors.

Persuade your local partners to join in and offer exclusive deals for those who book in advance. Your users will for sure appreciate it!

Push Notifications

Time sensitive occasions such as winter holidays are perfect for push notifications.

Remind users about important events, new articles or offers available on your app in a fast and easy way. Make them short, fun and engaging.

Don’t forget to wish them happy holidays in a warm and creative way! Show your gratitude for giving you their time and attention during this year.

A small gift such as a discount would be a nice touch. Or maybe, look at organising a giveaway.

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