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What should DMOs and Tourism Organisations do during this covid crisis?

These last weeks hit the world like nothing we ever seen. From Asia and Europe to the USA, all were hit by the covid crisis. The most affected industry now seem to be the Travel and Hospitality industry.

We’re already seeing the effects here. Hotels, restaurants, pubs/bars, resorts, museums and so on … are closing everywhere.

Everyone in the travel industry wonders what to do next?

Most of Eventya’s customers are from the travel and tourism community. Here are some ideas to help our customers or other DMOs or Tourism Organisations.

Be sensitive to the moment

Many DMOs realised that promoting their destination during the time of COVID crisis may be insensitive.

Instead, they can take on the role of reuniting their local community.

  • don’t use posts, articles or media that the community may find insensitive during these times.
  • be sympathetic and try your best to help your travellers online. Provide them with useful information on their lost trip.
  • highlight the stories about how your community works together to support each other

Keep your platform up-to-date both for tourists and locals

The DMOs’ websites are usually the de facto source of information for a destination. Now they are even more important.

What you can DMOs do now?

  • identify official sources of information from your government. Use only those concerning risks, restrictions and recommendations.
  • keep the locals informed with the latest official news about the pandemics and how it affects their daily life.
  • use Push Notifications whenever you deliver critical information.
covid crisis

Change your Social Media Communication

Your Social Media channels address both locals and tourists. But during this crisis, keep locals in mind when you communicate. Most of the travellers won’t follow you now anyway and most of the borders are closed now.

How does Social Media communication changes for a DMO now?

  • use social media also to inform travellers on the situation in your destination. What points of interest changed their schedule or even closed, events cancellations, safety advice, etc
  • keep the platform up to date with locations your travellers may visit online
  • keep the local people in mind when communicating on Facebook. Offer them fresh information about the crisis
  • respond to fake news using information from official sources

Add livestreams from local event organisers to your platform

Since locals can’t leave their houses, you can help them “attend” local events. Add livestreams from the opera, theatre, philharmonic and so on.

Encourage local businesses by displaying their gift cards

In a big part of the world, most of the restaurants, coffee places, bars, local shops or sports facilities are closed due to safety reasons.

What can DMOs do for the local businesses that suspended their activity?

  • publish gift cards from local businesses to your platform to support them until this will be over
covid crisis

Start planning for later

The current situation in the travel industry will not last forever. People will start travelling again. They will look for beautiful destinations and fascinating experiences.

How can you plan in advance for the recovery day?

  • write content about your destination. Prepare stories, photos, videos and experiences about your destination. When this crisis will be over, you’ll have lots of stories to share with your potential travellers
  • remain calm in your actions and communication. Your potential future visitors will appreciate the care you show now for their health and safety.

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