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Why Choose a Mobile App Over a Website?

The mobile era is upon us, meaning that smartphones started replacing PCs. And given that the number of mobile users is greater than that of desktop users, you’re probably reading this on your smartphone as well.

As a result, businesses started leveraging the power of mobile channels to attract customers and increase engagement rates. You might think that optimizing your website for mobile is enough, but it’s nothing compared to what a custom mobile app has to offer.

Mobile apps outperform websites due to their versatility and interactive features. They are among the most effective communication channels used to improve customer experience and increase conversion rates.

The bottom line here is that mobile apps are the websites of the future. Just like there are no brands without a homepage, they’ll soon be none without a custom mobile app.

Not convinced? Read on as we break down why mobile apps are better than websites when it comes to your sales and marketing efforts.

Main Reasons to Choose a Mobile App Instead of a Website

Recent statistics show that 90% of mobile users’ time is spent on mobile apps, while only 10% is spent browsing websites.

Why? Because mobile apps are simply much more entertaining and offer more possibilities of interaction as a website.

And the best part? Mobile app development doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. In fact, at Eventya, we offer cost-effective solutions for Android & iOS native apps, that cost a fraction of regular website or app development.

Moreover, our apps have high-end features that no website can compete with. Below are the top reasons to choose our intuitive app builder over a website.

1. Smartphone Optimized Content

All the content you upload to our custom apps is mobile optimized. Meaning that it displays properly on any device, is easier to use, and offers superior navigability. This will greatly improve your user experience.

2. Instant and Scheduled Push Notifications

Push notifications enable you to reach your audience anytime anywhere. The apps created with our platform host instant and scheduled notifications as well, to make your brand communication easier.

3. Nearby Search

The nearby search is one of the most popular features of our apps. It enables app users to easily navigate to venues, attractions, and POIs (points of interest) in their proximity.

4. Advanced Filters

Our advanced filters can help you seamlessly find all the best restaurants, supermarkets, or institutions in your area. Choose the category you’re interested in and the app will list all the relevant results.

5. Integrated Contacts

The apps developed with our app builder come with integrated contacts for users and businesses. Meaning that users can call, send messages, or purchase tickets without leaving the app.

6. Seamless Cross-Platform Sharing

The integrated Facebook, Twitter and Instagram buttons offer a seamless social sharing experience. Moreover, users can link their social media accounts to the apps.

7. User Reviews & Ratings

App users can share genuine reviews and ratings within your app. More so, they can share their experiences with any given tourist attraction, business, or venue.

8. Saved Items

App users can share genuine reviews and ratings within your app. More so, they can share their experiences with any given tourist attraction, business, or venue.

9. Synchronized Events Calendar

The mobile app’s calendar is synced with the user’s mobile calendar. This enables app users to easily save events in their agenda. You can also schedule push notifications as reminders, to increase event participation.

10. Distinct Communication Channels

A mobile app can be your brand’s centralized communication channel. Personalized content, push notifications and advanced analytics will help grow your user engagement rates.

11. Superior Information Segmentation

Our “Regions” module enables organizations to better segment their information according to their touristic regions. Information organization features are important when multiple tourist attractions are involved.

12. Incident Reports

Incident reports are among the most useful and sought-out features for Smart City-type apps. The feature enables citizens to report any issues directly to the city council while warning other app users as well.

The above are only some of the examples that make the apps created with Eventya’s app builder superior to websites. These are all features and functions that websites simply can not accommodate.

This isn’t to say that having a website is a bad idea, but that mobile applications are much more efficient in complementing any of your marketing or organizational goals.

More so, applications offer users a reason to come back. As opposed to websites, users can actually interact with mobile apps and let their lives be improved by their high-end functions.

Choose the Best App Builder for Your App

Now, as with any software, mobile app quality is crucial in the app development industry as well. Having engaging features makes the difference between a successful and failed mobile app.

But developing a quality mobile app costs a fortune! – we can almost hear you thinking it.

Yet, you can have a native Android & iOS app at a fraction of the cost of regular mobile development – by choosing the right app builder.

No-code app builders enable individuals and organizations to easily develop their own apps without any coding knowledge.

All you have to do is pick an app builder with all the features & modules you’d like and start creating your app.

Still not sure about choosing a website or a mobile app? With our app builder, you can have both.

For every app created on the Eventya platform, we develop a complimentary, mobile-optimized website for our clients.

All you have to do is sign up for our free trial and create your app. You’ll have a high-end native app and complimentary website in a matter of days.

Get in touch with us, to find out more.

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