Winter Experiences - 4 fantastic ideas DMOs can use to attract more tourists

Winter Experiences – 4 fantastic ideas DMOs can use to attract more tourists

How can you help tourists discover these unique winter experiences while visiting your destination? Here’s a great example from last year: Sibiu City App’s content marketing winter campaign.

Winter is one of the most fruitful times destination marketing organizations can take advantage of. It’s the time when jolly tourists flood the streets and markets looking for the Christmas spirit. Gingerbread 🍪, Christmas trees 🎄, the perfect Christmas presents 🎁, a cup of gluhwein or local dishes. They are all experiences tourists visiting your destination, are looking for.

Facebook Marketing Campaign

The Winter Christmas Market in Sibiu, Transylvania, is a tourist magnet. It attracts tons of visitors each year. However, having so many activities to do, visitors often wander outside the main square.

Sibiu City App wrote a series of articles focusing on winter experiences. These articles are targeting: single travellers, couples, families with kids and adventurous travellers.

1. Winter in Sibiu: Experiences for couples
Experiences for couples

This article for couples highlighted romantic horse-carriage trips, top attractions to visit in two, restaurants for a cozy, romantic dinner, coffee shops and clubs for fun.

Experiences for couples
2. Winter in Sibiu: Experiences for families with kids
Experiences for families with kids

Santa’s Workshop, playgrounds, ice-skating rings and ski resorts were out top recommendations for families with kids.

More about the article here.

Experiences for families with kids
3. Winter in Sibiu: Experiences for single travellers
Experiences for single travellers

To single travellers Sibiu City App recommended the most sought after souvenir gift shops, pampering spots, guided tours and unique activities to help them make the most of their trip in Sibiu. Over 1000 travellers found the article useful.

Check out the article here.

4. Winter in Sibiu: Experiences for adventurous travellers
Experiences for adventurous travellers

For the most adventurous travellers, they put together a list of interesting ideas to help them explore the surrounding areas of Sibiu. The list included the ice hotel at Balea lake, the equestrian centre at Apos, the ceramic atelier at Norich and famous restaurants in the country they needed to try. We counted over 700 adventurous travellers checking out our recommendations.

Read more about it here.

Experiences for adventurous travellers
Facebook Marketing Campaign
facebook marketing campaign

The success of this winter campaign was also influenced by a Facebook marketing campaign, the use of user generated content and featuring of the winter related-content on Sibiu City App’s home page.

The result? All four articles were featured in Sibiu City App’s top 10 most read articles that week.

There you have it. A fabulous example of how content marketing can help you promote the best your destination has to offer during the holiday season. Moreover, fresh and relevant content help you maintain high app user retention rate and engagement rate. Ready to give it a try?

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