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What needs does GONG Theatre 🎭 mobile app tackle?

The theatre app of the GONG Theatre for Children and Youth in Sibiu was officially launched on 29 May 2019. As the first theatre app on the Eventya platform, we asked the theatre manager what were the main needs that it tackled.

‘This is a natural step’

The GONG theatre app is the first app on the Eventya platform dedicated to a theatre and we were curious to find out what our first client in this industry thought, so we challenged Adrian Tibu, manager of GONG Theatre in Sibiu, to tell us what was the main problem he thought Eventya solved by making the platform available:

‘In an ever-changing world in which children are overloaded with extracurricular activities and parents are in a constant to and fro between before-school and after-school, I think this application comes as a relief. From now on, we have all the necessary information at our fingertips, with real-time notifications, in an attempt to make our lives easier and friendlier. I strongly believe that this is a natural step, especially since we are a theatre dedicated to young audiences, that are much more connected to technology and innovation.’

News, Events and Online Tickets

GONG theatre app and their new website bring useful information about the theatre’s events, workshops and activities. At the same time, they present the performances and the actors, while offering the possibility to buy tickets online.

Workshops & Podcasts & Online and Regular events

GONG Theatre has become a real children’s land, where they can take delight in watching plays designed especially for them, ‘tinker’ in creative workshops, take part in magic festivals or care for plants in the garden.

We hope that this app becomes a good communication tool with parents.

After downloading the app, the users who press Follow in the Gong Theatre page will be notified every time there is a new event.

Instant notifications for App users

The theatre’s marketing department will periodically send push notifications announcing premieres or important news. Parents will be able to follow the events agenda and automatically save these in their phone calendar. Tickets can be purchased through the app, as it embeds the online ticket sale website

GONG theatre app is available, free of charge, in Play Store and App Store.

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