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The Biggest Harbour on the Danube Turns into a Smart City with Eventya

The Galați City Hall uses the Eventya digital platform dedicated to the city’s inhabitants and visitors. This project is part of the city’s development into a smart city.

Galați, the most important river harbour in Romania, at a crossroads.

Situated at the crossroads of Moldova, Muntenia and Dobrogea, as well as of several trade routes, the city on the Danube has existed since Roman times. Today, Galați is the most important river harbour in Romania and a prominent economic and multicultural centre. Its rich historical colour is reflected in the beautiful romantic architecture of the city centre.

A true icon of the city, the Navigation Palace has been watching the harbour from the beginning of the 20th century. It is but one of the tourist sights, alongside “Precista” Fortified Church, the Museum of Natural Sciences, and the alleys on the Danube bank. Since the fall of 2018, all these tourist sights, as well as the feature “Report Issues”, are made available to city inhabitants and tourists via the platform Galați City App.

Digital tourist guide and platform dedicated to locals

Galați City App & website is available in both Romanian, and English. The content includes descriptions and information about the city’s main tourist attractions. The app is the main interactive digital tool and source of information about places of interest, as well as the events taking place in Galați.

The feature “Report Issues” had been the main motivating factor for investing in the app

Aiming to facilitate communication with local people, the Galați City Hall has chosen to include the feature “Report Issues” in the app. Locals can send their complaints straight to the various departments of the Galați City Hall and follow their status in real time in the app. To ensure that the feature remains functionable, one can only send reports after following an authentication process with their e-mail and telephone number.

Locals’ opinion after the launch of the app

  • “An app we’ve been waiting for; highly recommended. I may be subjective, as I work in the field and want to be informed, I like progress and digitisation. This is an app I’ve been waiting for; I installed it the moment it was launched and I highly recommend it”

    Bogdan Pană, Blogger from Galati
  • “The Smart Way. Our favourite element is that Galați City App is the smart way to bring together locals, public institutions and local businesses, in a city that’s starting to truly embrace the spirit of the community. So, way to go, Galați City App! We like it!”

    Dana Tachici, Journalist
  • “It’s for all local people. First of all, Galați City App was designed for all local people, through the multiple news sections which inform the audience about novelties from the City Hall, notifications following Local Council reunions, emergency information, press releases and other recommendations. The same app includes a section entitled Events, where you can even define memos so you receive push notifications closer to the date of the event”

    Munteanu Bogdan, Journalist

Discover Galați through the eyes of a local tourist guide

To conclude, the people of Galați are also thrilled with the information and the possibilities provided by the app, as it allows them to communicate with the City Hall, and acts as an pocket event calendar. Entrepreneurs can easily promote their businesses, and event organizers their activities.

Two years after its release, Galați City App has been downloaded 9,000 times and solved 300 complaints submitted by locals to the City Hall.

When you visit the biggest river harbour in Romania, don’t hesitate to download Galați City App.


Photo credits:

Galați Navigation Palace, George Nica, Aeroteam Galați

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